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Tomorrow The Reading Starts...

Posted on 2009.06.07 at 23:29
So yesterday wasn't the best day in relation to my new computer. Okay it's a great computer. It's cutting edge and super awesome technology and everything but there's an inherent flaw to getting a new computer is that it's not your old computer. I really wanted something that was my old computer but faster and with better graphics and with more hard drives or something. I did not want to have to adjust in minute variations of how certain colours looked or how narrow everything looks in a higher resolution. I just wanted something that I could go on and it would be my computer but more good. After battling with that and finding a way to convince the mouse to work I eventually came to the conclusion that it's not my old computer and I just have to deal with it. So putting that firmly behind me lets move on to more interesting topics. I'd suggest moving onto The Apprentice but I'm ever so slightly disillusioned with the apprentice now that Yasmina has won. She's proved that if you slink into the background hard enough and don't really get noticed until the final then you too can be Sir Alan Sugar's next Apprentice. She was such an nonentity. But then again I'm glad that in the reason why he picked her Sir Alan referrenced something that James had said in relation to her. James was the best and I feel he's probably the real winner of this years apprentice. The moral winner at any rate. Plus who would want that job that he's giving Yasmina? Being in charge of those boards they have in doctor's surgeries sounds like an awful job. In fact it sounds like an awful job that I wouldn't want even if I got it by just going for a normal interview. Having to do all that to get that job is practically false advertising. I tell you those boards better have pictures of lesbians in hats with cakes or something or I want my money back.

Anyway tomorrow I'm going to really get stuck into Dune. I had it a while ago and I didn't finish it and I'm not letting that happen again. I don't care if they've got Dexter By Design just waiting for me at the library. I am going to read Dune no matter what it takes.

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