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Dollhouse - Sierra/Ballard

Big Brother Post Episode Freak Discussion

Posted on 2009.06.05 at 17:40
Current Mood:: jubilantjubilant
So this is the part of the year when I consult my thick wad of notes I made during the housemates going in and go 'this is what I think of this person or this is what I think of that person' but I'm not bothering this year because whats the point. I can summarize the whole thing in one sentence and that sentence is: freaks! Actually it's less of a sentence and more of just a word but it's a good word. It tells you all you need to know about this particular subject. You know what I thought this whole 'you aren't housemates until we say you're housemates would have been a good thing. But that was before I saw it in operation. When that brazillian man goes in and they say oh you need to do a personal challenge and the challenge is find someone who will let you draw on their face to be guaranteed a place in the house then I think that that is just about doable. No offence Big Brother but call that a challenge? I don't call it a challenge. If he'd had to shave all of his hair off to become a real housemate then that's a challenge also what's this with the whole on Sunday you decide who becomes a real housemate? What a copout! Make them do a challenge each (a proper challenge) and if they can't or won't do it then show them the door. I remember the days when Big Brother used to be evil. They used to drive people to fights. They made one slightly mad foreign man wander around the garden smashing plates. People in Big Brother aren't there for a nice relaxing summer! They are there to be mercilessly tormented for the amusement of the general public. If this is going to turn them into celebrities they should damn well earn their so-called celebrity status. Okay making them sleep on the floor until they are proper housemates is a good touch but not nearly evil enough.

Anyway that's enough about Big Brother. I can't believe I'm sat here wittering on about Big Brother when I'm sat behind the monitor of a brand new supersized superawesome state of the art cutting edge computer with the power to move you! Or something. Anyway my new computer is awesome, and although it has pretty much nothing on it at the moment I'm working on it trying to get it back to the point where for most things I don't notice a difference between it and my old computer (I don't like change). I'm laying off downloading World of Warcraft because I've ordered The Sims 3. It's been released at a good time to coincide with having a shiny new computer and I'm going to make the most of my shiny new computer by playing a shiny new game. Admittedly it probably isn't the best game to showcase state of the art cutting edge graphics that have the power to move you but it's better than word documents. And that my friends is a fact. You can try and dispute it until you are blue in the face but the fact does not care because the fact is always right.

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