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New Computer Time

Posted on 2009.06.04 at 15:38
Current Music:: Lene Marlin - It's True
That's right it's officially time for a new computer. Computers upgrade and become obsolete so fast nowadays it's hard to keep up. But then again talking like that implies you're trying to keep up which I most definately have not been doing. This computer is about five years old and in computer years it's practically a relic. I love the word relic by the way. It's so much better than artifact. I know some people use it in the derogatory sense to call old people relics or whatever but I think relic is a good word. It implies valuableness almost as much as it implies age. In which case my computer isn't a relic at all. It's very old rubbish. Stupid computer, if it wasn't going to be used as a spare computer I'd smash the damn thing to bits.

Can you believe James going out of The Apprentice last night. It was a shock. I thought he was going to be in it at least to the final. He was really good. I can't believe that background character Yasmina is getting into the final and not him. What has that Yasmina ever done in the program? Nothing. Well nothing apart from winning the cooking task and failing miserably at the soap task. She shouldn't even be in the competition because she just wants to work for Sir Alan for a little bit then go off and open another business of her own. She's probably working for industrial espionage... or something. I don't know. Stupid Yasmina. I hope Kate wins.

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