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Fountain of Girl

Apprentice Night

Posted on 2009.06.03 at 19:14
Current Mood:: bouncybouncy
I've been watching the Apprentice this year. In fact I've been watching a hell of a lot of "reality tv" this year. In fact I've been watching a hell of a lot of TV altogether this year. This is beside the point. The Apprentice is good and has idiots trying to run businesses and then being quizzed by a bearded man with stubby fingers. What's not to like there? Nothing. It's perfect. I've been saying that I think James is going to win it since about the first time he got called into the boardroom. He's brilliant James. Last week he was saying about how his granddad had to pick up leaves with a cornflake box. I'm voting for him... except it's not that kind of reality TV. God could you imagine if it was? Alan Sugar wouldn't know what hit him.

Anyway with regards to reality TV I seem to be watching a lot of it this year. There's the apprentice obviously and there was Britain's Got Talent (by the way am I the only one who was absolutely 100% certain that Susan Boyle was going to win and then she didn't and I was all like 'what is going on' and 'I think the world is malfunctioning'?) and on Thursday the new series of Big Brother starts. Like the last couple of years I'm going to watch the opening night and then never speak of it again. Then again I suppose if the Big Brother producers used their nouse and put in a couple of people who aren't complete freaks who look like they could be remotely relatable then maybe I would watch it but that's never going to happen. You might as well argue over whether I would watch pigs do a dance on the moon. Incidentally I totally would watch that. And with regards to pigs doing a dance on the moon America's Got Talent is starting on Thursday as well. I plan to watch the auditions of that to see the idiots. I mean some of the idiots we had on Britain's Got Talent... and America is even better at idiot mass production than this country. It's going to be brilliant. I hope. Anyway that's it for me now. Bye!

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