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Buffy - Spike

First of June Ramblations

Posted on 2009.06.01 at 19:23
Current Mood:: bouncybouncy
I'm not going to lie to you, I'm kind of looking for a reason to update today. I don't really have one as of yet but I'm sure inspiration is going to kick in any second and I'll be off racing down some obscure tangent like Ross Noble at the mention of Jesus with an Ikea cross. Speaking of Ross I was thinking of making a nice mug for him for the next time he's in Manchester. Everyone else always has something to put on the stage and I feel a little left out when all I turn up with is the determination to be noticed and possibly a DVD to get signed at the stage door. Didn't get so much noticed this time because we were stuck all the way back in the second row. The second row is probably the worst row I think. It's like being so near to Ross's line of sight but still far enough away that we might as well be sat at the very back of the opera house. I suppose there is a better view from the second row though so you have that. Today is the first day of June. According to my shiny new (well not really shiny or new any more considering I've had it for at least five full months) Buffy calendar it's the month of Spike. Spike's the best in Buffy. I was thinking about this the other day sometimes I tend to like characters that I think you kind of shouldn't. Like when Spike's evil you're kind of not really supposed to like him but I did. And Mister Sark in Alias. And Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. Okay Chuck isn't so much one of the bad guys or anything but he did start off the series by trying to rape two women in the same episode. You can see where I'm coming from here. Anyway I guess that's it for now. Happy June everyone. Seeya'll again tomorrow.

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