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Party Cat


Posted on 2009.05.24 at 11:11
Current Mood:: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music:: Alanis Morissette - So Unsexy
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Went to see Ross Noble yesterday. I love going to see him. He is the best comedian ever. As much as I love seeing Bill Bailey or Russell Brand or whoever none of them can compare to the freeform blatherings of Ross Noble. We were in the second row (unfortunately) so we didn't get picked out and talked to as much as I would have liked. It was good though. Tomi touched a latecomer's face. Not just randomly. It was part of a coordinated assault on the latecomers. Afterwards we went round the stage door and I enquired about how Ross would solve the whole credit crunch crisis. Good times were had by all even though I was completely exhausted afterwards and could have fell asleep on the train.

By the by proof if proof be needed that my mind has been forever altered by reading www.mspaintadventures.com: Ross was telling us about his sleepwalking/talking at the same time and how sometimes his wife has to put up with very odd interruptions in the night. He was saying that his wife had woken up and he'd been looming over her and shouted "Quick! We have to run! He's coming after us and he's got PUMPKIN LEGS!". I really really wanted to shout back "What pumpkin legs?!".

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