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Bones - Mister Nigel Murray 2

Bones 2x26 - The Beginning In The End - Review

Posted on 2009.05.14 at 12:02
Current Mood:: annoyedannoyed
Personally I'd prefer to call this episode The Pointlessness In The AU. Okay it was interesting in a way and funny at points and it was nice to see almost every single character back in one episode (you would have thought Goodman (the Jeffersonian owner (or whatever he was) from the first season) would have been in it at some point) but where was the point? Where was the sense of resolution. I went into the episode hoping to find out what had happened to Booth and how Brennan was coping with it all and maybe the team might have had to solve a case on their own while Brennan refused to even leave Booth's bedside or something. Maybe the interns all had to band together to solve a case. Who knows? I would have been happy with practically anything had it happened in reality.

The episode kind of reminded me of another season finale, no not House which it seems to be reminding everyone else of. No this episode reminded me of Restless; the season four finale of Buffy. For those who aren't familiar with Buffy 1) you should be and 2) the episode was essentially a dream sequence between all of the main characters. It's one of my favourite episodes of Buffy ever, which should go to show that this type of episode can work it just failed miserably here. The main difference between this and Restless is that in the episodes before Restless everything was resolved. The Big Bad had been defeated and everything was good again, thus giving free rein for one episode of dreamtime fun. In Bones the Big Bad, Booth's brain tumor, had only just been discovered and there was then a big cliffhanger on whether Booth would survive or what would happen. Then they cut to this long and self indulgent dream sequence in which nothing of consequence happens. Okay nothing of consequence ever happens in dream sequences I know but at least in some dream sequences you get a sense of character development, but in this episode everyone was not the normal characters so development is going to be pretty tricky. And the other thing you can hope for for dream sequences is that when people wake up they remember what happened and are able to learn from it or whatever. Even that can't happen in this episode as Booth has now got amnesia thus rendering this episode pointless in every way. Nothing is added to the storyline and nothing is added to the characters. This episode could be summed up in a single sentence: Booth has a crazy and pointless dream and once he wakes up he gets amnesia. There. The end.

That said I did particuarly enjoy watching Zack and Mister Nigel Murray interact. And Wendell. I'd not been sold on Wendell as a character before so that was good. Plus Clark as a whatever he was suggest to be was good. In fact all of the stuff that happened in the dream was pretty good and was rather enjoyable it's just the fact that we watched an hour long dream which nobody in the program will ever remember. That's where the episode failed. Had this episode been the second to last episode and then next week we got some things actually happening in reality then maybe this would have been good. And you know what? I'm now kind of annoyed with previous episodes in the season. Like The Perfect Peices In The Purple Pond where Zack confesses he didn't really do the murder and then nothing happens. I always just assumed that that was going to come back up around about the time of the finale and so it was fine. Now I'm a bit pissed off that Zack isn't back already. And that whole thing with Hodgins having Angela's face tattooed on his arm. Come on show. Get yourself sorted out. You had twenty six episodes this season. Surely you had enough time to bring some storylines to fruition?

Next season I hope they bring Zack back and get Angela and Hodgins back together and Mister Nigel-Murray joins the team in a more permanent manner. And Booth gets his memory straight back. I don't mean eventually I mean he suddenly remembers absolutely everything that he's ever forgot. Ever.

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