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MS Paint Adventures - Professor Wasp

I Wish This Monday Were Last Monday

Posted on 2009.05.11 at 13:50
Last Monday was great. Bank holiday type things were going on. I watched almost an entire series of Samantha Who and all was good with the world. This Monday isn't as good. Had to get up early this morning so consequently had to go to bed early last night (honestly I am so out of practice at going to sleep at nighttime. It feels unnatural). And then shopping in the sunshine. It's enough to make me want to go back to bed. In fact I do want to go back to bed a little bit. I wouldn't mind so much had my DVD of the first season of Gossip Girl turned up. As it is I think I might just go to sleep and prepare for tonight when all the season finales start.

And now my internet is pissing about again. This Monday is doomed to the bin of faildom.

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