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Fringe - Walter Bishop

The Advertisement Anachronism

Posted on 2009.05.10 at 23:36
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Today I decided to give the Da Vinci Code film a go and it was actually better than I expected. By quite a large margin actually. It was faithful to the book, even going so far as to recreate all the puzzley bits along the path to the grail and well it was moderately exciting as well. Still ended up thinking of Teabing as Teabag though. That's more a fault of the author for giving his character such a bloody stupid name (says me! you wouldn't believe some of the bloody stupid names I've got lined up for my characters).

Anyway during the watching of the film was adverts and during the adverts I began to get a sense of temporal dislocation. Like I'd accidentally fallen out of the flow of time and just been slapped back in wherever there was a me shaped hole. After watching one advert advertising a product that is being released at Christmas and another advert featuring people dressed up as Father Christmas I had to wonder 'is there some kind of theme going on here'. I wonder, whether for that one brief shining moment I actually had travelled through time before some form of inertia pulled me back to the present without my realisation. I wonder if this happens a lot and if it does why aren't we being told about it. Is the government trying to cover up the weakness in the fundamental nature of time? Or is it some ancient cult performing experiments on us from beyond the grave. This is the point in my rant where I would usually say that 'only time will tell' but considering the nature of this conspiracy I do not time is all that reliable...

Or something. Whatever.

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