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The Principalities - Episode E.4 - Loose Ends

Posted on 2009.05.10 at 16:20
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Episode E.4 – Loose Ends
(see the preface for information)

3rd March 166,000,000 BC
As the sun rises across a prehistoric beach there is a sound, a pulsing noise that seems to grow closer. Slowly a purple and black box materialises and the door opens. Out of the small box walks a man with unkempt blonde hair who is wearing a trenchcoat and a pair of scruffy jeans and carrying a shiny purple and black assault rifle, following him is a pair of clones who are carrying a man with shiny purple and black skin who is wearing half a pair of army fatigues, with the other half wrapped around his chest as a makeshift bandage, following them is a man in a punk jacket with half of his hair cut and a strange golden globe in his hands and following him is a group of seven ladies in skimpy white uniforms all of whom are carrying heavy weaponry and one of whom is carrying a pair of handcuffs.
“Welcome to the Timetorn Camp.” Said the man with the unkempt hair, also known as Zaniel Zeto. They looked around the camp. They were surrounded by complex looking terminals which were all wired up to another of those black and purple boxes like what they had just travelled in on. To their right was a circle of five tents surrounding a campfire and next to a large cage. Separating the camp from the land was what looked like some kind of futuristic electric fence. All the machinery seemed to glow with the same purple and black light that was so closely tied with the Time Agency. “We are the Timetorn. Revolutionaries fighting the good fight against the evil oppression of the Time Agency. They pursued us throughout time and eventually we were forced to come and take refuge now. The year is 166,000,000 BC. It is the 3rd of March. It is a Wednesday… I think… probably.” Zaniel smiled hopefully. “Either way the Time Agency don’t scan this far back in time so we’re safe. Anyway that’s us. What about you guys?”
“You don’t know who we are?” asked Powergrando. Zaniel shook his head and shrugged. “Huh. I just assumed you did because of the sheer number of people who’ve shown up and known who I am.” He glanced at Clone 315 and his alternate self who are handcuffing Yolaris again. “I’m Powergrando, they are Clone 315. One of them is the future version of the other one or something. The man who they are handcuffing is Yolaris. I’ve never met him but apparently he was our ally and now he’s gone all kill-crazy on us. And the ladies are Chastity, Charity, Generosity, Humility, Moderation, Zeal and Jennifer.” Zaniel’s attention was drawn to Yolaris. “When you say ‘We are the Timetorn’ you mean we as in there is more than one of you or as in the royal we?” Powergrando enquired.
“Oh of course.” said Zaniel. “You should meet everyone. Follow me…” he paused. “And bring your friend… Yolaris was it?” Powergrando and the two 315s dragged Yolaris across the sand to the tent area following Zaniel. They approached the tent and noticed that inside the cage was a woman with brown hair and the now familiar black and purple skin. “Morning Zarah-Jane.” Zaniel said to the caged woman. Zarah-Jane rushed to the front of the cage and grabbed the bars theatrically.
“Help!” she yelled imploringly to Powergrando and the clones. “They’re keeping me prisoner against my will. I just want to go home but sometimes at night they unlock the cage and do horrible things to me. You’ve got to help me! Please!” Zaniel rolled his eyes.
“She was one of us in the beginning.” Zaniel said. “But there was an accident when we valiantly raided the Time Agency headquarters. She got stuck in one of the machines and it turned her into a Tangle.” he paused. “That’s what they call themselves.”
“Help me please.” Zarah-Jane begged. “I’ll do anything, just get me out of this awful place.”
“I was thinking it would be a good idea if you put Yolaris in there.” said Zaniel thoughtfully. “Then we wouldn’t have to worry about him getting loose and killing us all.”
“Sounds good to me.” said Powergrando.
“Okay.” said Zaniel. “Get to the back of the cage Zarah-Jane. You’ve got a guest so you best be on your best behaviour.” Zarah-Jane looked from Powergrando to the two clones, a look of desperation in her eyes. When she saw they weren’t buying it she sighed and resignedly made her way to the back of the cage. Her face took on more of a contemptuous sneer at that point. “Okay I’m going to open the cage. If she so much as moves empty that clip into her.” Zaniel instructed. “Once the cage is open throw Yolaris in. You don’t have to be careful or delicate. Tangle skin can take it.” Zaniel retrieved the key from a string around his neck, slowly unlocked the cage and opened the door. Zarah-Jane quickly sprang towards the exit. Powergrando pulled the trigger and held it down as bullets slammed into Zarah-Jane’s chest. She struggled forward desperate to try and leave and tried to haul Zaniel into the path of the bullets to no avail. There was a click. The gun was dry, completely out of ammunition. Zarah-Jane staggered out of the cage and stood there for a whole second before collapsing straight back in. The Virtues, who had been enjoying the prehistoric sunrise came rushing at the sound of bullets. Also the zips on the tents unzipped and four men who had been inside their tents climbed out more or less in synchronicity.
“What’s going on?” asked the tallest one. He was bald and a look about him as if he’d been through more than most. He was wearing a vest and a pair of long black trousers.
“You aren’t going to believe what happened guys.” said Zaniel. “So there I was monitoring the equipment, it was about half four in the morning and suddenly…” The group were listening intently, only the tall one looked impatient. He cleared his throat.
“Perhaps we should sit down? Offer our guests a drink? Close the cage before those two Tangles wake up and kill us both.” he suggested. The others begrudgingly agreed. They closed and locked the cage on Yolaris and Zarah-Jane and a couple of them went off to the other purple and black box, which they were informed was called a TARDIS by the Time Agency and was how Agency members travel through time. Apparently this one contained a kettle and fridge, several of the group rushed in and out carrying drinks for everyone. Zaniel introduced his guests to the rest of his group.
“This is Zhilip,” said Zaniel and referred to one who had uncontrollable curly hair and glasses. “he’s a genius. It’s him who you have to thank for all the monitors and consoles and the electric fence that keeps the dinosaurs out. This is Zames.” here he referred to one was sporting slight stubble and who was wearing an expensive, if worn, designer suit. “He’s an assassin. Without his help we’d never have been able to get back into the Agency after they upgraded their security. This is Zayne.” here he referred to the tall one. “He’s our resident immortal.” There was something of a chuckle from the group at that. “He knows more about the Time Agency than the rest of us put together. If we’re ever going to take them down it’ll be thanks to him. And last but not least. This is Lee.” he gestured to the last remaining person. He had medium length hair and was wearing a silver chain necklace with a little silver slice of bread on it and a basic white t-shirt and pants. “He was in the army. He’s our most effective fighter proficient in all manner of weapons and hand to hand combat.” Zaniel paused. “And Zarah-Jane is his girlfriend. Although not so much any more because she hates us all.”
“Why do your names have so many Zs in them?” asked 315 curiously.
“Because we’re from the future.” said Zames. “That’s what it’s like in the future. Z is the most common letter in the alphabet of the future.”
“Oh right.” said 315. “Of course. All makes sense now.”
“About this morning?” asked Zhilip.
“Oh yeah so I was monitoring it when suddenly everything went crazy.” continued Zaniel. “It was like paradox city. Before I knew it Tangles from all over time were all gathering in this one spot. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. There was twenty of them. Including John.”
“John?” asked Powergrando.
“John Zmith.” said Zaniel. “He was a friend of mine until he was turned into one of them.”
“It happens more often than you’d think.” said Powergrando sarcastically.
“I’ve been looking into a way of restoring those who have been turned into Tangles to their former selves.” said Zhilip. “I’ve made a machine but I’m still working on getting some of the kinks out of it.”
“What kind of kinks?” asked Powergrando.
“Well sometimes instead of restoring someone to their former personality it destroys their brain and kills them instantly.” said Zhilip.
“That’s one hell of a kink.” said 315. “I can’t imagine you have many people volunteering for that one.”
“Powergrando’s a genius!” exclaimed Alternate 315.
“I am?” asked Powergrando.
“Not in the sense you’ve just come up with the answer to our situation.” said Alternate 315. “In the sense that you’re a genius. In the future you were always bragging about being a rock hard genius and punk sorcerer.”
“I don’t think I’m quite there yet.” said Powergrando sheepishly.
“You should take a look anyway.” said 315. “We need to have Yolaris go back to his time so I can go back to mine and fall in lust with a time machine.” he paused. “Long story don’t ask.” Powergrando sighed.
“Okay.” he said. “I’ll have a look… if you don’t mind that is.”
“I don’t mind.” said Zhilip. “I haven’t gotten anywhere with the damn thing for weeks.” Zhilip led the way over to one of the consoles being powered by the second TARDIS. “It was the controls for a converter that turns people into Tangles. I assumed that if you reverse the process you should be able to turn people back. But as I said sometimes people’s brains explode.”
“Wait hang on you never said explode before.” said Powergrando looking aghast.
“Just take a look.” said Zhilip.
“Anyway…” said Zaniel, smoothly leading back into his story. “Twenty tangles. Paradox to end all paradoxes. I had to investigate. When I got there I saw what must have been about a hundred clones, all targeted for elimination and these guys fighting for their lives against the clones and against the damn Tangles too.” he paused. “I had to do something.”
“And we’re very glad you did.” said 315 grinning.
“So…” said Zhilip slowly walking back over. “You made a couple of pit stops throughout time to throw the Agency off the scent?”
“What?” asked Zaniel. “I’ve never had to do that before.”
“You’ve never interfered in an active paradox elimination before.” said Zhilip.
“But I didn’t think they scanned this far back in time.” protested Zaniel.
“They don’t. Not routinely.” said Zhilip. “But they can if they notice a fleeing TARDIS going back this far.” He ran back over to the consoles and started rapidly hitting buttons. A large holographic map floated over the console. Zaniel ran over after him. “In fact if they did notice us we’d be pretty easy to track because we’re the only people time travelling back here.” he paused. “Forget that. We’re the only people doing anything back here. We’re incredibly easy to find.”
“This isn’t good is it?” he asked. Zhilip shook his head.
“Wait…” said Powergrando. “So this device when it’s turning people into Tangles it sends like wires into the skin and into the brain and injects toxins and whatever to turn them into Tangles.”
“Yeah.” said Lee, running over suddenly interested in Powergrando’s progress. “Do you think you could reverse it?”
“I don’t need to reverse it.” said Powergrando. “Reversing it is what Zhilip here has been doing and it’s not been working. He’s been trying to remove the chemicals turn the person back into a person. That’s very dangerous. But if you block the chemicals off, stop them from interacting with the brain then you should be able to bring the person back with minimal risk.”
“Oh shit!” yelled Zhilip. “They’ve spotted us.”
“Everyone pack up your stuff!” yelled Zayne. “We can’t afford to stay here any more. Our base has been compromised.”

July 23rd 2010
Powergrando and Chastity were back here again. This time they’d come via the 22nd after having dropped Clone 315 off in 1986. They quietly left the bedrooms and made their way down and out through the backroom to find Charity, Princess Fenrir and a man who looked like Powergrando but with a serious makeover stood at the door. They were watching Yolaris and Princess Hel being confronted by a man with distinctive purple and black skin.
“What’s happening Argent?” asked Charity.
“I’m sorry.” said the Powergrando lookalike. “It’s the only way to do this. Yolaris and Hel will be forced into the Time Agency. They’ll be brainwashed and become like them.”
“What?” asked Fenrir. “How could you do that to Yolaris?”
“It’s alright.” said Argent. “He’ll be back to normal before long. The important part is that this is the only way that Hel will willingly go to her own death.” he paused. “It’s not a pleasant solution but it’s the only one we have.” Fenrir and Charity looked contemplative. Argent turned around to Powergrando and Chastity who had yet to announce their presence.
“Hello Chastity, Powergrando.” he said. Charity and Fenrir turned around surprised to see them stood there. “No wonder everyone used to shorten my name to PG. Powergrando is such a mouthful.” Argent paused thoughtfully. “And it’s a stupid name. Honestly who calls a child Powergrando?” he paused again. “I’m getting sidetracked.” he said. “Hi. My name is Argent and I’m you from the future.”
“Hi.” said Powergrando awkwardly, not really sure what to say to himself.
“Well I’m not you from the future necessarily. I might be and I might not. I’m you from the future in the same way that Siegfried was you from the future. I’m you if you make one choice, he’s you if you make the other. Pretty soon you’re going to have to choose.” said Argent. “I don’t want to bias you to either side but if you choose to become me you’ll have the power to travel through time just by thinking about it. And while that’s quite an awesome talent to have the path you have to walk to get it is hard. An eternity in the void. It’s long enough and empty enough to drive a man to end his own life but once you’re in the void you can’t even do that.” There was a solemn pause. “But don’t worry about that just yet. For now you have to go after Hel.”
“Why?” asked Charity. “I thought she was taken care of?”
“She is.” said Argent. “And the next issue is sorting out all these paradoxes. We need to get everyone back to their timelines and clear up any unresolved issues. One of those issues is the version of LF that Hel is carrying. It needs to go back to 1886 to the point where both Yolaris and I took a version of LF.”
“Okay.” said Powergrando. “Leave it to us.” he pulled LF out of his pocket and prepared to leave.
“No wait.” said Argent. “I’m not done yet. After you’ve left Hel’s LF back in 1886 you need to go to yesterday and leave your LF here.” Argent pointed to an empty plant pot. “So that I can do this.” Argent reached in and pulled out a copy of LF.
“Why do you need LF?” asked Powergrando. “Can’t you ‘travel through time just by thinking of it’?”
“Honestly?” asked Argent. “I don’t know why I need LF. I only knew half the stuff I’m telling you because you told it to me. Or I told it to me. Or something.” he paused. “Time travel is tricky. We need more pronouns.” he shook his head as if shaking off the idea of who told who what. “Either way you won’t be stranded long. Light will be there to take you back to your timeline.”
“Okay.” said Powergrando. “Is that everything?” Argent nodded. “Good luck then.” He took Chastity’s hand, focused on the golden orb he held in his other hand and the world blurred around them.

3rd March 166,000,000 BC
“Three TARDISes.” Zhilip yelled. “No! Five!”
“How fast can you do turn her back?” asked Lee desperately.
“Just a minute or two.” said Powergrando. “This machine can do it I just need to give it new instructions.”
“We have ten incoming TARDISes!” Zhilip yelled. “Don’t even bother packing. Just pick a TARDIS!”
“We have to go now!” said Zayne. “This isn’t discussion time. This is ‘get the hell out of Dodge’ time.”
“No they’re sending all fifteen!” Zhilip screamed. “Why are people not in a TARDIS already?”
“It’s going to be okay Zarah-Jane.” Lee was yelling. “We’re finally getting you unTangled.” he ran over to the cage to see Zarah-Jane and Yolaris naked and wrapped around one another sweating, her face staring up into his. Lee screamed, grabbed the key from around his neck and forced it into the lock. He pulled open the door and Epsilon sprang at him, knocking him to the floor and then rolling off him. Zarah-Jane fled the cage, stopping only to pull Epsilon up and then sprinted towards the nearest TARDIS with him.
“They’re here!” Yelled Zhilip. “No wait they’re going past us! They’re five minutes ago. It’s too late!” There was an explosion and the electric fence crashed down into little pieces. Tangles swarmed through the broken fence and onto the beach. A couple of Tangles rode in on the back of large raptors.

3rd January 2000
It was a quiet day in the Principality of Fenrir. Everyone was starting to recover from the massive parties they had held for the millennium. In the gardens at the foot of Princess Fenrir’s castle everything was quiet and relaxed. The air blurred and there was a frenzy of activity. Argent, Charity and the body of Princess Fenrir appeared in the grass. Charity was instantly on top of Princess Fenrir pressing down on her heart and forcing air into her lungs.
“Get a doctor.” said Charity urgently. “In fact get us to a hospital that would be even better.”
“It’s too late Charity.” said Argent, his voice hoarse and hesitant.
“No!” cried Charity. “She can’t be dead!” she sobbed. “She can’t be dead! Argent! Fix it!”
“There’s nothing I can do.” said Argent sadly. He knelt down next to Charity and Fenrir’s body and rubbed Charity’s back. “I’m sorry, she’s gone.” Suddenly Princess Fenrir was surrounded with arcs of golden energy which were flowing from Argent’s pocket.
“What’s going on?!” demanded Charity. “What are you doing?”
“I’m not doing anything.” said Argent. The energy around Princess Fenrir started to fade and she started to change. Her skin became a beautiful shade of gold, her hair a brilliant silver. Her eyes shot open, they were gold just like her skin.
“You’re okay!” sobbed Charity. “Thank god you’re okay.” she pressed her lips against Fenrir’s but found them immobile. Charity pulled back confused, her pain obvious in her eyes.
“I am sorry.” said Fenrir. “Princess Fenrir is gone. I am Light. I am sorry for your loss…” she trailed off.
“You’re…” Charity whispered. “You’re…” she repeated hesitantly. “You’re in her body!” she screamed grabbing at Light’s collar. “Get out of the body of the woman I love! Getoutgetoutgetout!”
“I am truly sorry Charity.” said Light. “I wish this didn’t have to happen like this.” Charity climbed to her feet and turned to Argent.
“This is you!” she yelled. “This is your fault! You and your Time Agency! You didn’t care who you hurt! You killed Fenrir!” she grabbed Yolaris’ energy blade, which had been pulled through from 2010 with them and drew it on Argent. Like Yolaris she had no better luck at actually hitting him.
“I’m sorry.” said Argent from behind her. “I didn’t know this was going to happen.”
“And if you had done?” asked Charity. “If you’d known Fenrir was going to die because of your plan what would you have done?” There was a long pause. “That’s what I thought. Never talk to me again Argent.” She jammed the blade into the ground and walked away from him. When Argent looked around both Light and Charity were gone.

3rd March 166,000,000 BC
“Oh great!” snapped 315. “Just when you think it’s finally over that soon you might get to go back to your regular life something else happens and you get dragged in deeper. I didn’t ask for this you know. I was just minding my own business and I got snatched into the past and that’s thanks to you Powergrando. Thank you very much. Then it’s just one thing after another and when that’s done there’s another terrible thing waiting for me. I need a break.” he paused. “Hey hang on what’s going on?”
The Tangles had stopped, and not in the way they were just standing there. They’d stopped like they’d stopped in time. 315 looked around and Yolaris and Zarah-Jane had stopped as well. Frozen in time.
“It’s okay 315.” someone said behind him. “It’s almost over now.” he spun around to see a woman with golden skin and silver hair and she reached out and held his hand for a second and everything felt okay for a second. Then she let go. “I can’t keep this up all day.” she said and turned to the rest of the group who were staring at them, and the future versions of Powergrando and Chastity who had also just appeared but hadn’t announced themselves yet.
“Okay.” she said. “My name is Light. Everything is going to be okay. 315 is supposed to fall in lust with me. If he does that’s the paradox closed and that’s it. The Tangles leave you all alone. Except you Timetorn guys, but I’m going to set you up with a new hideout anyway so don’t worry.” she paused. “First things first. I’ve bought you all some time so get on with unTangling Yolaris and Zarah-Jane.” There were a couple of moments of silence where everyone seemed too stunned to do anything. “Unless you want me to turn time back on for everyone?” Light asked.
“You heard the lady!” said Zayne. “Lets pack up our stuff and get going while we can.”
“Try it on your friend first.” said Lee cautiously. He, along with the two clones grabbed Yolaris, popping him back into the flow of time as they did so and dragged Yolaris over to the machine. Powergrando hit the switch and wires emerged from the machine plunging themselves into Yolaris’ body like they had so recently done in the distant future. Epsilon howled in pain. This machine was going to kill him, he was sure of it. About the only thing it wouldn’t do was make him change his mind about the Time Agency. He didn’t support the Time Agency because they had fed chemicals into his brain to force him. He supported them because they were right. The chemicals had just opened his mind to the fact. He’d never turn on the Time Agency. The wires seared under his skin, changing him back to the human he once was and he found his loyalty to the Time Agency waning away. His mind questioning the logic of killing everyone rather than attempting to put things right. In his mind he saw Princess Fenrir kneeling in front of him begging, crying, bleeding, dying… He felt numb.
“Hello?” asked Lee waving his hand in front of Yolaris’ face. “Have you lost all brain function?” Yolaris just stared. “I think you broke him.” Lee continued. “I’m not letting you use that on Zarah-Jane.”
“No it’s okay.” said Future Powergrando. “Trust me. I’ve been here before.”
“Yeah?” asked Lee. “And you are?”
“That’s me there.” said Future Powergrando pointing at his younger self who was currently trying to elicit a response from Yolaris.
“Ahem.” said Light. “I know the Tangles all look very still and serene but it’s taking a hell of a lot of effort.” Future Chastity sighed and walked over to Yolaris. She knelt down to look him straight in the eye.
“It’s okay Yolaris.” she said. “Whatever happened it’s okay. You weren’t you. Anything you did, you didn’t do it. They did.”
”I killed her.” Yolaris mumbled.
“You didn’t kill her.” said Future Chastity. “The Time Agency killed her. It’s okay Yolaris. It’s not your fault.” she held out her hand and helped him up. Yolaris still looked shell-shocked and introspective but at least he was there.
“You did it!” said Zhilip excitedly. “Powergrando, from one genius to another, you are a genius.” Zhilip grinned. “We really ought to stay in touch.” Lee waved away the two clones and brought Zarah-Jane over on his own. She was focusing her energy, burning his hands but he didn’t seem to notice it. He pushed her down against the machine and held her there. Powergrando pressed the button and the wires re-emerged plunging into Zarah-Jane’s skin. She screamed as did their painful work turning her back and afterwards she remained sat there in the same stunned state that Yolaris had been in. Lee wrapped his arms around her and told her everything was going to be alright. After saying their very quick goodbyes the Timetorn filed into their two TARDISes and faded away.
“Time to go home.” said Light. The Tangles smashed forwards through the wreckage of the electric fence to find that within a second everything was gone. The Timetorn, the escapees, the TARDISes.

January 2nd 2000
Yolaris had spent little time in the house he had once lived in. It wasn’t home any more. It was so lifeless, so dull… so empty. All he could think about was what he had done. How he had killed Fenrir. How he must have hurt Charity. How he had blamed Argent, how he’d enjoyed it. Chastity had said that it wasn’t him who had done those terrible things, that it was the Time Agency. But it had been him, and not just in a literal it was these very hands that held the blade kind of way. It had been him. He hadn’t felt like someone else, just him with different beliefs. Beliefs that put him on a different side. It was him who had killed Fenrir, who had toyed with his friends emotions, who would have killed more had he not been stopped. He was in a police station in the Principality of Fenrir. The officer at the desk asked him what he wanted.
“Justice.” he replied coldly. “Arrest me, I killed Princess Fenrir.” He would face the punishment for his crime. It was what he deserved.

April 18th 1986
Future Powergrando and Future Chastity had been taken back here. Now was when it had started for them. In fact in a room across the street from this busy restaurant it was starting for them, their past selves were finally getting to grips with one another. It was weird.
“What’s next?” asked Chastity.
“Now it’s time for me to choose my path.” said Powergrando. “Whether I’m going to fall into the void and become Argent or to live a relatively normal life and become Siegfried.”
“I just meant what shall we have for dessert?” asked Chastity.
“Oh.” said Powergrando. “How about blueberry shortcake?” Chastity reached across the table and took Powergrando’s hand.
“It’s okay.” she said. “Whatever you choose I will be there for you.” she paused. “I’m talking about your future now. Not the dessert.”
“You could go and live a normal life you know.” said Powergrando. “No more clones or Tangles or Hel.” Chastity smiled at him.
“Why do you think I came with you in the first place?” she asked.
“Because you were bored of being chaste and you wanted to get laid?” asked Powergrando. Chastity shook her head. “That’s what you told me.”
“Okay, well there was maybe a little of that.” she said. “I’m don’t want to go and live a normal life. I used to live a normal life, well a relatively normal life. Then you turned up and it was excitement and adventure and really wild things. I like that.” Powergrando grinned.
“Then excitement and adventure and really wild things it is.” he said, he produced LF from his pocket (it was his past self’s copy of LF that he had borrowed) and passed it to Chastity. “Go forward just one minute. I’ll meet you here afterwards.” Chastity kissed him passionately and then vanished. Powergrando walked around the table, sat down in her seat and waited to be cast into the void in the same way that Liquid Fox had been when they had time travelled onto the spot where she’d been standing. In the doorway he saw himself, or the man he would soon be. Argent winked at him and he tumbled into the void.

July 25th 2010
Clone 315 and Light watched the sun go down over the ocean, it was beautiful. She’d taken him back to the start of the Lust Paradox and he’d gone to sleep and when he woke up there she was. The paradox had finally been fixed. They were in the Principality of Fernex now, at a little hotel on the coast. They’d had to leave the Principality of Jormungandr because Princess Jormungandr was pretty annoyed that her betrothed had fallen in lust with another woman. In fact if Light hadn’t been able to stop time she may very well have found herself being torn apart by an angry blue squid. Clone 315 reached out and took Light’s hand. For the moment all was peaceful, there was no paradox to be solved, no lust virus to be contained, no unstoppable army of clones to be stopped… There was still the matter of finding out how he could turn into a giant fox but that could wait. For now he was going to relax.

16th March 1986
In the alleyway behind the Seven Virtue’s Health Spa one of the clones pulled himself to his feet. He looked down the alleyway, as far as he could see clones were lying dead, filled full of bullets or else torn apart by the things with the purple and black skin. This clone had been smart enough to play dead, to lie down in the remains of his colleagues and wait for the threat to pass. The gutters were full of blood and pieces of clones were floating in it. The clone frowned. It wasn’t the death of all of his peers or the fact that the last victim of the purge had escaped again. It was something else that was annoying this clone. He squinted down into the gutter and pulled something from amongst the blood and the gore. He’d never broken a promise before. He looked at the thing in his hand, it was a tooth, still in pretty good shape. He opened his mouth and jammed it into an empty spot.
“Clone 315.” said Clone Two. “I said I was going to kill you… I don’t care if it takes me twenty six years, but I am going find you and then I am going to kill you.”

And that's the end. The end for now anyway. Not THE END the end, I already have plans for the .5 episodes. I'm just happy I've finally managed to finish off the .4 episodes. I've had them planned out in my head for over a year now. Stay tuned for more information on the future of The Principalities.

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