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Bones - Booth

Bones 4x25 - The Critic In The Cabernet - Review

Posted on 2009.05.07 at 13:36
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Hey look at me doing an actual review!

This was the episode I was dreading. Live action programs should never cross over with cartoons. It's just stupid and even if the concept of having Booth talk to a character who is a cartoon hadn't been stupid then it would have been rendered stupid by the fact that he was talking to a character from Family Guy. Don't get me wrong once upon a time a long long time ago Family Guy was a good program. Now it sucks. In fact even when it used to be good it still would not have been appropriate in style or tone or whatever for a crossover with Bones. Bones + Family Guy = Epic Fail. I mean seriously I couldn't come up with a worse idea than this episode if I was trying to. That whole storyline just didn't work, even before Stewie felt the need to make a guest appearance in Booth's brain. I love the Booth/Brennan banter so that wasn't the problem. The problem was how incredibly forced it all was. There have been episodes in the past where they've talked about babies (The Baby In The Bough springs to mind) but those episodes they've had a reason to talk about babies. Here Sweets did a word association with Bones and Booth and after a minute of that she suddenly uncovered her previously undiscovered desire to have children. WTF? Come on. People don't make decisions like that. Even Bones doesn't make decisions like that. In fact Bones especially doesn't make decisions like that. The whole premise was flawed. If the case had been about something that involved children and somehow activated Brennan's latent desire through that then that would have been one thing but the exchange that prompted the whole baby thing was like it had been written by someone who had never watched Bones before. It was written like someone who had never experienced life before.

Then there was the big ending which I suppose was the point of having Booth seeing a stupid cartoon child, but it didn't work. It wasn't sad. It just failed. I know one person's failure is another person's emotional epicness or whatever but that should have worked. It was Booth and he had brain cancer and it should have been sad. I should have cried at it. Hell I cried watching scrubs last night, not only did I cry watching it it left me an emotional wreck unfit to do anything for hours afterwards, but I couldn't feel anything other than numb watching Booth getting wheeled off for his brain surgery. I blame whoever decided it was a good idea to insert a painful scene where Booth interacts with an imaginary cartoon child and then go straight into an emotional scene. It was a jarring experience that just took away from the episode.

But don't get me wrong the episode wasn't all bad. Fisher was in it and doing experiments which was fantastic. There's the possibility of Angela and Hodgins getting back together and Sweets is acting like a real human being with real emotions. All of that stuff worked fine, but it wasn't enough to make up for the bilge that the other half of the program turned into. This is the worst episode of Bones I've ever seen and when I get the DVDs for season 4 I'm going to spend many happy hours never watching it ever again. 3/10

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