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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Massive Concentration Failure

Posted on 2009.05.03 at 04:38
Maybe it's because I'm currently living a backwardslife where I sleep all day and am awake all night but I have managed to fail at my pledge to review things more consistently. I only had to write three reviews this week and I somehow couldn't even manage to do that. I suppose I might do it later but here's Pushing Daisies in short and with no spoilers: the last couple of minutes or two felt incredibly rushed. It was nice and everything but it really showed that the network gave next to no notice that it was about to get cancelled. I'm not against cancellation as such. Not as a general rule. I understand networks have to do what they can to make their networks profitable. What I object to is cancelling it after all the episodes are made. Give the writers a couple of episodes to tie some stuff up bring things to a proper close for crissakes. Oh and show the damn episodes. Just because it doesn't have as many dedicated fans as Lost or America's Got The Next Top Model Factor doesn't mean that nobody wants to see it. Hell if you don't care what the fans think just put it up online or something but don't be dicks. Erm... I appear to have got sidetracked. Where was I? Pushing Daisies. Yes. The last episode was brilliant. Everything about it was fantastic. The ending especially so. It was incredibly emotional and afterwards I just sort of moped about the place distraught that such a unique and such a wonderful show was gone without ever fully living up to the full potential that it could have reached had it not been a victim of a shitty network and a shittier writer's strike.

By the way The Principalities are coming back this week. It's a special week long Principalities Event! Starts on Monday. Don't miss it.

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