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Internet Failure Day

Posted on 2009.04.29 at 16:24
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So I woke up this morning and the internet had failed yet again. This time it wasn't due to me messing with the router or even my computer being awkward. This time it was all down to Virgin and their incredible internet services. It's astonishing how much I depend on the internet. The internet goes down and suddenly I don't know what to do with myself. I must have used to do things before I got the internet surely to god. I didn't used to just sit there waiting for the internet to get invented did I? If I did that would have been incredibly prescient of me, even if it was a bit stupid.

Anyway I decided to seize the day and so I went out to the shops and on my way back from buying things that will keep me alive next week I spotted a Virgin Internet Van. Then there was a BT Internet Van. Then a third kind of Internet Van. Upon seeing all these Internet Vans rushing around trying to repair the Internet I came to the conclusion that today was Internet Failure Day. I then tried to convince everyone that today could be a fun celebration of life before the Internet and we could get out board games and play cards and all that kind of stuff that nobody does any more because of the Internet. However nobody else seemed that enthusiastic so I kinda gave up on it. But with the Power of the Internet behind it I think think that Internet Failure day could become massive.

So I come to you now with a plea. Let's make Internet Failure Day huge. Tell all your friends about it. Blog it down in your blog. Twitter it. Set it as your status on Facebook. Take a photo of it and put it on Flickr. Do whatever it takes to bring Internet Failure Day to the masses and maybe this time next year we'll all put down the Internet just for one very ironic day and the world shall rejoice.

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