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Lost - Locke


Posted on 2009.04.19 at 21:52
Current Mood:: annoyedannoyed
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I remember complaining about World of Warcraft when it first arrived. Moaning that it wants to do download this and download that, update after stinking update. And yes while loading World of Warcraft was a long and often torturous process I have found something that has looked at World of Warcraft and gone 'I can make my program more difficult to install than that!' and then gone and done so and sold me a copy. I speak of course of Final Fantasy XI. By the way did I mention I've gone and bought Final Fantasy XI. I think it could be good. I'm just not sure as of the now because I haven't actually got on it yet despite having started the installation progress almost twelve hours ago.

First you install the PlayOnline Viewer which is like something that you can view things in or something. I don't really understand it. Anyway next you have to update that to it's current version. Then you have to make an account with PlayOnline. Next up comes tying your GamerTag to your PlayOnline profile. After that you get to watch a cinematic which although good I couldn't help but think 'couldn't the game have been installing while I was watching that' once it had finished. Then you have to install the game and then navigate your way through the confusing PlayOnline profile I don't really understand. Next up is buying a Content ID of which apparently sixteen are available and I think that's kind of like paying for sixteen months into the future or something. Anyway then I have to register all the expansion IDs that come with the game. So there I am, by now it's about three in the afternoon. I've been registering and updating and tying things together since twelve. I figure it's time to get in there and make myself a character and start bashing things till they die but no I've obviously forgot the updates to the game itself, which my xbox informs me will take 8 hours to download. EIGHT HOURS! That's a long time to do anything, nevermind download.

One day I'm hoping to come up with my own MMORPG and upon that day I'll unleash a set-up more demanding, more rigorous and more difficult than the game itself! And upon that day rhinocrabs shall crawl from the earth and the sky shall turn red with blood and the world shall end.

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