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Cube - Classic

Red Dwarf Thoughts

Posted on 2009.04.11 at 21:43
Current Mood:: annoyedannoyed
So Red Dwarf: Back To Earth eh? Before it started yesterday I was incredibly worried that it wasn't going to be up to scratch. That ten years had been too long and it could never be as good as it had been. Yesterday I was proven dead wrong. The whole thing was brilliant. The new character came out of nowhere a bit and I was kind of blindsided by that but other than that it was good. Today I find out that Back To Earth means Red Dwarf was all just a TV show and none of it was real. This is a situation I do not want. But I put up with it and watch as they start going about on present day Earth. It's not very funny but that's not even the worst of it. The worst of it is that everyone they bump into just believes that they are the real characters from the TV program. I liked it the other week when Supernatural also turned out to be a book series, but that was good. That allowed Sam and Dean to make clever jokes about the fandom. And, importantly, they had to convince people that they were really the characters in the books. People didn't just come up to them and go "Are you Sam Winchester. Me and my sister really like your program. Etcetera etcetera."

Anyway I'm not too worried about it all being a TV program because it isn't all just a TV program. They've just fought a squid and now they've found out that everything they believed in isn't real. Think about the last time this pattern of events occurred. It's not so much Red Dwarf: Back To Earth as Red Dwarf: Back To Reality 2. Be nice if it was as funny as Back To Reality though. Just saying.

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