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MS Paint Adventures - Professor Wasp

Fun Link of The Day

Posted on 2009.02.17 at 19:15
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Okay it's time for a brand new feature. One to amaze and astound. In this feature, so brand new that I haven't even taken it out of the packet yet, I'm going to find a fun and exciting website which everyone should check out. And what's more is I'm going to do this every single day. That's right! I literally have not had enough sleep!

Let's check out today's fun link of the day: http://www.internet.com/

I don't know what's going on on there but the fact that there is an actually website called internet.com amuses me to no end. Okay it doesn't amuse me to no end, because that would be pathetic, but it is pretty good. Okay not pretty good but it isn't actively bad. Okay right so it is dreadful and full of the kind of stuff that will prevent you from sleeping at night as you cry into your pillow wondering where your life went but it's difficult to find fun things on the internet. I mean you try website names and they don't even exist. Why someone hasn't put up a website about velcro badgers is beyond me.

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