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MS Paint Adventures - Professor Wasp

Valentine's Day

Posted on 2009.02.14 at 22:19
Current Mood:: quixoticquixotic
Valentine's Day, which is properly pronounced vay-lent-tine's, is a day specially invented by scientists to try and get people interested in science. People would come down to the local universities and other laboratories that were celebrating Valentine's Day and would be introduced into the wonders of science. It was originally called Science Appreciation Day but because the most popular experiment was to determine the number of chemical bonds (or valency) in ordinary household items the name was changed to Valentine's Day and because the original name was so stupid the nickname stuck. However back in nineteen-tickety-two things changed. A sexy female scientist was showing a handsome young man how many chemical bonds there were in his penny-farthing bicycle when they accidentally kissed and then started making hot scientific love right there on the science deck. People were astonished and realised that science is boring and that love is actually more interesting. That year the purpose of Valentine's Day changed, and just so that nobody ever had to think about science again a team of athletic young heartthrobs invented a story about some bloke called Saint Valentine who got hung or something.

So get out there and make hot naked sex, for love and science!

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