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Writer's Block: Rare Condition

Posted on 2009.02.13 at 18:27
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Do you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia or know anyone who does?

No I don't suffer from any kind of outrageously difficult to spell phobias, nor do I know anyone who does. However I do know one person whose birthday is Friday the Thirteenth. Now they claim that the birthday should fall on the same day every year like normal birthdays do, whereas I claim that the birthday should always been on a Friday the Thirteenth. If that specific day isn't a Friday then it should fall to the nearest Friday the Thirteenth. I think that's fair isn't it. I wish I'd been born on a more exciting day. My birthday is 23rd July and it was a Wednesday. Okay it's interesting because some royalty people were getting married or something but still... Another one of my friends was born on an Easter Sunday and I used to know someone who was born on Valentine's Day... By the way Easter Birthday would be brilliant. Presents and chocolate eggs! What could be better? Apart from being born on Lesbian Easter.

(Lesbian Easter is like regular Easter but instead of chocolate eggs there are chocolate breasts. And instead of the whole depressing story of Jesus getting himself killed because we're all such awful sinners and going to go to hell there's porn.)


maiou7 at 2009-02-13 18:46 (UTC) (Link)
I have a friend who was born on December 25. Her mom was really mad about it, because she said it spoiled christmas.
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