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Big Bang - Penny

Writer's Block: Down on Memory Lane

Posted on 2009.02.11 at 18:40
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What is your earliest childhood memory?

So we're back on these again. This is because I feel the obsessive need to update every day but don't really have anything to say or any time to do it, since I've become readdicted to the time-sucking vaccuum of fun and jollility that is World of Warcraft.

So first childhood memory. That's a tough one. I have lots of childhood memories (okay I have a few childhood memories) but I don't really have them in any kind of organisation. The earliest one that comes to mind at the moment is when I must have been in the infants, or something, and I had to be part of an assembly about the french language. I didn't have a large part in the assembly, which is a good thing if you're me. I was one of the ten kids who had to say one of the numbers one through ten in french. Easy enough you would think. I would think that would be easy enough as well. How could that possibly go wrong? Well I'll tell you how it could go wrong. It could go wrong if I'm given the number eight (huit) to say. This is because I couldn't pronounce huit. I protested that this was a mistake because of my inability to pronounce the one word that had been given to me. I suggested that perhaps someone else would like to pronounce this word as there is nine other words available all of which I am fully capable of pronouncing. But my pleas fell on deaf ears. I was completely ignored and was made to read out the word huit in front of the whole school. And that's the story of why I hate the number eight in French. Tune in next time to hear the story of why I hate the number four in cantonese.

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