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Tatu 60

"Ooh look at me and my incredible World of Warcraft addiction and my mouth empty of blood"

Posted on 2009.02.10 at 20:56
Current Mood:: energeticenergetic
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Okay so I think if I were still living in the world this would be the point where I get up off my ass and do all the reviewing that has fallen by the wayside while I sat around and bemoaned the state of my mouth and my life and all that kind of crap. However this morning arrived and it had been a suitably long enough period since yesterday's credit card debacle and I was able to renew my WoW subscription and I was able to get on there and do some good old fashioned questing in the good new fashioned land of Northrend. So as to when you're going to get those reviews of all those programs... erm... I don't know... when World of Warcraft is taken down for maintenance? Yeah possibly then.

In other news: Philadelphia is lame because it only has boring normal lesbians there and not super awesome lesbians with laser breasts and radioactive underwear or something.

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