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Chuck - John Casey

Chuck 2x12 - Chuck Versus The Third Dimension - Review

Posted on 2009.02.04 at 00:32
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I remember reading a while back that a special type of 3D glasses would be needed to view the 3Dness of the upcoming episode of Chuck. Normal 3D glasses wouldn't work because they were using a new clever type of 3D that would still be easy to watch without the 3D glasses... yeah... I think it's safe to say that this new clever type of 3D needs some work. The 3D shadows of blue and yellow were occasionally distracting and contstantly irritating. I'm not sure why I'd want to watch something in 3D anyway. I hate watching things in 3D with those stupid little glasses that are always too small for my face. I wouldn't think 3D things are things that people want and demand from any show, nevermind from Chuck. What I wanted and demanded was that the appearance of Charlie from Lost not be sullied by unnecessary and distracting blue and yellow shadows.

But that's just a criticism on the way the episode was filmed, not the episode itself. The episode itself was okay, although there seemed to be rather a lot of situations where suspension of disbelief was required so that they could show off some 3D thing. Like the whole crowd surfing bit. That whole situation was just getting away from me at that point. Plus there was the whole thing with the grenade, which I'm sure was just another excuse to show off how awesome the 3D was. Another thing was that the episode was so fast paced, it didn't have time to breathe. It was just one thing straight into the next thing (okay that's normally how a TV program works, but it was really fast, trust me), like for example after they've killed the bad guy and saved the day Charlie goes to sing onstage and it immediately cuts straight back to the Buy More, like immediately. Honestly it was too much to try and shove into one episode. I wasn't struck on the whole 'we've got someone from prison working here now' plot, the ending of which was just bizarre. Why would Butterman have wanted to conceal that he was going to Philadelphia or wherever it was he was going? How would that knowledge have prevented them from losing their precious golden ticket? And the competition in the middle was really unnecessary. Especially the eating the massive hot dog, or whatever that thing was, bit. That seemed like just another scene shoved in there to make everyone wow at the 3D effects. Trust me I am more than happy to have just seen them eat that disgusting looking foodstuff in two dimensions.

So overall I wasn't struck. I liked Charlie from Lost's character and his philosophy on life but the whole thing felt very rushed. I liked the idea that he was being used to deliver information via his tattoos. I thought that was very clever and actually a reasonably plausible reason as to why his agent would now want him dead. I hope that when this comes on the DVD I can have the option to not watch it in annoying-o-vision. It still isn't going to be great, but at least it'll be a notch more watchable. Six out of ten, those points mainly for Charlie.

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