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House - Thirteen

House 5x14 - The Greater Good - Review

Posted on 2009.02.03 at 19:02
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This was the one hundreth episode of House, I thought something special might be happening to commemorate the occasion, but nothing really that super out of the ordinary happened. There was a moment where I had a flashback to the only other one hundreth episode that sticks in my mind (Angel), and thought that perhaps Thirteen wasn't going to make it through the episode. Luckily I was proven wrong when she recovered from her Foreman induced brain tumor. I must say that this whole thing hasn't endeared me at all to Foreman/Thirteen as a pairing. I suppose at least Foreman did have the best intentions when he went and gave the nasty brain tumor medicine to Thirteen, but even so.

House was not having a good time in this episode. Alongside the Patient of the Week he had to deal with clearing up Foreman's mess and saving Thirteen and also Cuddy playing a series of pranks on him as an act of revenge for cheating her out of time with her child. He took it surprisingly well and didn't end up escalating the warfare as Cuddy expected him to. I'm not entirely sure why he did that, Wilson was probably right that he was feeling guilty because there was no way that House would think the whole thing through as logically as he had done normally. Normally he wouldn't care about whether or not there was anything he wanted or didn't want or whatever. He would normally just retaliate because that's what he does. I don't believe Cuddy's rationalisation of his sudden hostility towards her though. It didn't sound right (maybe because it was coming out of her mouth and not Wilson's). Anyway it seems that things are back to normal and the whole pranks thing was fun while it lasted. Cuddy really knows how to pull off a good prank, I'll give her that.

Then there was the minor storyline that was going on with Wilson. He knew the Patient of the Week and he was shocked because she'd stopped being a doctor and had started doing things that make her happy (I can't believe that wasn't a symptom). We found out that he's not been coping at all well since Amber's death and his house has remained how it was the night she died, her things untouched. I really liked the shot at the end where Wilson is washing the cup. It was sad in a way, having to let go of Amber and move on with his life but also good because he was moving on. On a related note I never thought I'd find a man washing a cup to be sad, but there you go. Oh and also there was a storyline with Taub and he wanted to be more happy as well. The main thing I took away from his storyline was that he's punching way above his weight. I suppose being married to a plastic surgeon has it's benefits... Overall it was a good episode, oh yeah and the patient of the week, nearly forgot about her. She was okay. I really thought that the wanting to be happy rather than wanting to do something important would be a symptom, but then again they had an episode where personality was a symptom last week. They can't always have the personality be a symptom because that would get old, fast. Anyway Foreman turned himself in to the medical board who gave him a slap on the back of the wrist and told him not to do it again, so I guess all's well that ends well. He's managed to do something that was not only ethically questionable but downright against the rules of the medical board with no lasting negative consequences. That's not an unenviable turn of events for him. It was a good episode and I give it a seven out of ten.

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