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Cube - Classic

Snowing With Actual Snow

Posted on 2009.02.02 at 19:00
Current Mood:: coldcold
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Today there is snow, and it's not metaphorical snow like what I was snowed under with yesterday. This is proper genuine fall-from-the-sky-and-make-the-floor-look-all-white snow. I know I did say ages ago that I would go out and actually make a snowman, or something to that effect, the next time that it properly snows but you see that was when I had lots of snowman making time on my hands. Nowadays it's all go. I mean I've got games to play, books to read, reviews to write. How could I possibly have the time to make a snowman at the moment? See this book here: this book needs to be back at the library by the seventeenth. You realise that gives me just fifteen days to read it! Fifteen days! I don't even really have the time to be writing this. For every word I write in here that's another word I'm not going to have time to read in my book. Look at all this writing I've done as well. I'm probably going to miss out on the entire last page of the book thanks to this update. Curse you livejournal! Curse you to hell!

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