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Folklore - Keats 2

Cube Goes Ever So Slightly Mad

Posted on 2009.02.01 at 19:39
Current Mood:: crazycrazy
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I have no idea what in the world to talk about now that I'm actually up to date with my reviews. I must have used to talk about stuff when I used to come on and talk back before I was reviewing every single thing I experienced but I can't for the life of me remember what I used to say back then. I remember going on about lesbians a fair amount but nowadays I think if I started doing that it would turn into some kind of bizarre review of lesbians. Which would just be weird.

You know what? I'm just going to go and read my book and hope to god that I have it finished and ready to review tomorrow. I'm getting a bit snowed under with books at the moment. I've got Imajica by Clive Barker, and that's a huge book, so it's going to take quite a while to read (I really wouldn't expect me to do a review on it by tomorrow) and as soon as I get that more books (well more book) start pouring into the library and I've got The Stand by Stephen King waiting for me there now. Okay so I suppose I can't really be snowed under by two books but they are two big books. Even so it is kind of like getting snowed under by two snowballs. Two snowballs which you've ordered from the local snowball rental centre. Okay I really haven't thought this metaphor through. I'm going to abandon metaphor, and while I'm at it I'm going to abandon this entire post and pretend it never existed. Bye!

P.S. Ironically it has actually been snowing today. Actual snow. I don't think it's stuck, but then again since I don't live in the real world it might of done. Bye for reals now!

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