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Angel - Lorne

Demons 1x05 - Smitten - Review

Posted on 2009.01.31 at 22:48
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This episode doesn't really work, it's all about a harpy called Alice. She's obviously evil from the very first moment that you see her. Anyway Little Jimmy Van Hellsing doesn't think so and he starts up a relationship with her. Galveston on the other hand is investigating something that's trying to hunt down and kill Little Jimmy so he tells LJVH to stay indoors and not go out for anything. Jimmy assumes that Galveston meant to add the caveat that he can go out if there's chance of some hot harpy loving and proceeds to go out more or less constantly. They figure out that Alice is really an evil harpy and must die but Jimmy is apparently now so in love with Alice that he won't let them and instead goes all stupid and decides he can take her on in her harpy form by himself. However later when he goes around to her house and sees the blood on the door handle and the dead body in the kitchen even he can't pretend she isn't a harpy any more. However he still loves her lots and lots so he can't kill her while she looks human. He puts some wormwood in her drink so she'll turn into a dangerous creature and thus be easier to kill (apparently). Then when Galveston tries to circumvent the whole turning into a harpy thing he protects her like the massive king of the idiots that he is. You know what I really think this show would benefit from getting rid of Little Jimmy and Ruby. They could add in a new pair of wannabe demon hunters, perhaps descended from Doctor Frankenstein or someone who fought a werewolf or something.

Anyway getting back to the actual show as it actually stands it wasn't a great one. The first half of the episode was geared towards figuring out that Alice was evil (something I could have told you the moment I saw her) and the second half was geared towards Jimmy being an idiot. I give it a five out of ten (and a good amount of that score is for the title alone, it's clever when you realise that it's the past participle of the verb to smite).

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