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Dead Like Me - Mason

Dead Like Me: Life After Death - Review

Posted on 2009.01.31 at 22:18
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The most noticable and jarring thing about the brand new hot off the press film version of Dead Like Me is Daisy. Laura Harris is busy with other commitments and so Sarah Wynter has stepped in. Personally I would have preferred it had they written Daisy out. Mentioned at the start that she'd left to try and fuck her way to the top in L.A. or something. As it was it wasn't the same. Most of what little there is of Daisy in the film is not the massively likeable side of her and Sarah Wynter just doesn't pull it off. Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond from Lost) on the other hand is great. He charges in sweeping everyone off their feet and generally corrupting everyone by telling them that it doesn't matter what you do, that reaping or not reaping makes no difference in the long run. This actually makes for a pretty good plot for the movie as Mason, Roxy and Daisy go wild, not taking people to their lights, forcing others to stay alive for personal gain and so on, and then have to deal with the consequences of their actions. During this period of madness there is a Reggie and George storyline going on involving a reap who just won't die. The segment with George and Reggie meeting up again was really well done and worked well, not only with the storyline of the unfinished reap but also seems to connect thematically with the storyline that was going on with the other reapers.

There were lots of really funny bits, though the best by far was the group coming together attempting to figure out how to kill a Reaper. I think it was rather a shame that we didn't find out what happened to Rube. Okay he probably did get a promotion for filling his quota of souls (as evidenced by the shower of post-it notes at the end) actually now that I think about it that makes perfect sense and so we did find out what happened to Rube. I bet his last reap was probably Kiffany in the fire at Der Waffle Haus. That'd be just how I'd expect him to go. Well anyway I think it was rather a shame that Cameron Kane's mad plan didn't actually make a lick of sense, but he was a good villain so alls well that ends well. That's what I say. Hopefully if the film does well someone might consider bringing the series back? That would be so awesome. As long as they ditch Daisy for a new character (or bring back the original actress). Anyway it was good and I give it a nine out of ten. Hooray for Dead Like Me!

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