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Supernatural - New Ruby

Supernatural: Bone Key by Keith R.A. DeCandido - Review

Posted on 2009.01.31 at 21:21
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This book would never be made into an episode of the actual show. That's the main thought that was going through my head as I reached it's conclusion. It wasn't all bad, but the big spirit fight between Dean and the Last Calusa just smacked of wrongness. Everything about it seemed at odds with the tone of Supernatural. I never thought I'd see (well, read I suppose) Dean fighting an enemy by firing spirit energy at it, and now that I have seen it I wish I never had. One particuarly cringeworthy part of the fight was Dean gathering up the various characteristics of those that had died on the island. It all stank of wholesomeness and if we all love one another we can overcome anything.

This book had a hell of a lot of support characters. Practically every other chapter was an account of someone else who was getting killed on the island, which I suppose added variety but I didn't buy a book called "People You've Never Heard Of: Bone Key". There was also a lot of supporting characters that interacted with Sam and Dean. There was Bobby of course (I liked Bobby making an appearance in the books) and the lesbian motel owners Nikki and Bodge (I approve of those as well), then there was Montrose, a friendly local police officer, Yaphet, a man stuck in the perpetual seventies, Fedra, an evil demon who decides to help them, Susannah, a love interest for Dean who is pointless and then dies, and Captain Rotway (or something), a talking ghost who Dean had to share his room with. All in all it was too many people. If there had just been one or two that the book focused on (say Bobby and the lesbians) then they would have felt a bit more well rounded, but as it was all of the supporting characters (excepting Bobby) felt rushed, one dimensional and kind of forced into the storyline.

On the plus side the characterisation was pretty good. Sam, Dean and even Bobby, all sounded more or less like they do in the actual series (though Sam and Dean arguing over Ryan Seacrest was literally incredible (i.e. not at all credible)). Other things that were good? Erm... Have I already said Bobby and the lesbians? Yeah okay. Then I don't know. It wasn't that bad a book, I seemed to enjoy it at the time, the problem I think is that the ending was so jarring that it completely erased any good memories I had from the experience. I'm going to give it a six out of ten for effort, under the assumption that there was something in there I enjoyed at the time. I don't think I'd ever read it again though. Which is good, because I won't have to, as I got it from the library. Hooray for the library. I give it ten out of ten.

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