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MS Paint Adventures - Professor Wasp

Reviews Over

Posted on 2009.01.30 at 19:29
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Yesterday could well have been the most prolithic I have ever been. Not just on livejournal (in which case it's definately the most prolithic I've ever been) but in life in general. Back when I used to go to school, or when I used to actually try to write books I don't think I ever wrote so much in one day. Anyway yesterday's day of reviews is over and done with now. I've had enough of writing reviews for now. So despite having one item already ready for reviewing (Supernatural: Bone Key by Keith R.A. DeCandido) I'm going to leave it for now. Hey maybe I can build up another backlog and end up having day of the reviews 2 where I review even more things. Maybe I can hit thirteen posts in one day next time!

On second thoughts... maybe not and I'll just review it tomorrow.

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