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How I Met Your Mother - Swarley

How I Met Your Mother 4x13 - Three Days of Snow - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 23:01
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Not reviewed HIMYM before but I really enjoyed this episode and I felt it deserved a bit of a review. Good bits are aplenty but the thing that confuses me about this episode is at the start Barney and Ted are talking to those college girls arranging to meet tomorrow and then when the whole 'this episode takes place on three seperate days' bit comes along they are meeting up on the middle day. Clearly as they met the college girls on the day before the snowstorm started they should be meeting them on the first day of the snowstorm? Right? Anyway now that I've got that off my chest, the rest of the episode is great. I love Ted and Barney's "we should buy a bar" conversation and the whole telepathic conversation bit and party school bingo. In fact it's probably easier to say that I love everything that Barney does... in more or less every episode. I also love the Marshall and Robin storyline, which is unusual because I'm not normally fond of Marshall. I loved his "why is that human leaking" robot voice and then Robin's incredibly rubbish robot voice and the snowplough and everything. In fact it's easier to say I love everything in this episode. Especially the reveal that it all happens on different days and the final bit with the marching band playing Auld Lang Syne.

Here's a thought, in those five word sentences that everyone regrets what was that where Ted said "I'm gonna win her back". I don't have a good enough memory to remember whether that's a flashback, but I'm thinking it's probably going to be a plot point later in the series, and until then a source of speculation (who is he going to win back etcetera etcetera), though I'm thinking it's probably Robin he's going to attempt to win back. And possibly there might even be a goat involved. Fingers crossed. Anyway this was a great episode and I absolutely loved it. Ten thumbs up.

And that is the end of the day of reviews. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Goodnight.

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