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Fringe - Walter Bishop

Fringe 1x12 - The No-Brainer - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 21:16
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This episode was alright but I thought it was something of an anticlimax that this powerful brain melting technology was being used to exact personal revenge on people that had pissed off this random guy. Powerful brain melting technology like this you kind of expect it to belong to some kind of military faction carrying out precise attacks on their enemies or just preparing to launch it all over the internet. One thing is for sure I won't be clicking on any pop-up ads any time soon. Then again I don't anyway. Actually why did the people in the program click them? Okay Olivia's neice is okay clicking it because she's just a little child who doesn't know better. The kid and the car salesman really should know not to go clicking on pop-up ads. Okay they weren't aware that those pop-up ads would be death but you know what I mean.

There was a little sidestory going on about the mother of a lab assistant who had worked for Walter wanting to talk to him and Peter not going through with it. I like Walter, I've said before that he's my favourite character. I like how his mood can shift suddenly. He can go from cold to cheerful to sombre to angry. He's really unpredictable and that's how I like my characters. I liked how Peter eventually decided to let him talk to the mother of the lab assistant and how he was able to talk to her normally and know who and what he was talking about and not just burst out asking about hamburgers or whatever. It was a nice moment. I also loved how giddy Walter was when he found out that they had a corpse coming in for him to take a look at. Personally I was a little disappointed about the brain melt itself. I hadn't seen any previews or anything and I was thinking based on the title that this would be about people with no brain at all. Like it had gone completely or it had never been there or something. In fact the second one would have been interesting. They could have been like the result of one of Walter's old projects or something. Don't ask me how that would work because I haven't thought that through yet. Give me some time and I might be able to come up with a loose idea of a plot based on a group of people with like a hive-mind or something. Actually that sounds pretty good. I might write that when I eventually get around to writing these things.

That Harris man was still around doing his best to get in the way of things. Actually he might not just be out on a personal vendetta against Olivia. He could be part of the Pattern or a Massive Dynamic spy placed there to impede their progress and allow Massive Dynamic to gain these assets for themselves or something. Not seen Nina Sharp in a while, or John Scott for that matter. I was liking the John Scott living in Olivia's brain thing that was going on before she got all kidnapped. Hey do you reckon that that Mitchell Loeb was doing something to do with John Scott's memories being trapped in Olivia's head. Perhaps he was extracting those memories. Then again that's more of a brain injection than a spine injection. Who knows? Either way this was a decent episode with an interesting supernatural thing going on, even if it was going on for petty reasons. I would personally have preferred the antagonist to have his brain melted like his victims rather than have shot himself but I suppose that would have seemed a bit unrealistic. Olivia could have easily disarmed him if he'd gone into the full trance like they had. I give it a seven out of ten.

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