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House 5x13 - Big Baby - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 20:39
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I was just saying before that I love episodes where the patient's personality is a symptom and here's one where that's the case. While I was watching it I was thinking that maybe she had an allergy to that child who went to visit her in the hospital or something. Yeah sounds absurd when I say it but I bet had House wrapped that up in fancy medical jargon then everyone would have been congratulating him on another job well done. Most of what was going on in this episode wasn't about the patient though. There was Cuddy and the baby and she was desperately trying to find a way to connect to it and she was wondering whether she should just give up the baby. I really liked it when Wilson went around to her house with the picture of "what the baby would look like when she was eighteen". I was really feeling a Wilson/Cuddy vibe in that scene, which is unusual as I've never really felt a vibe between the two of them before. Not even when House was trying to set the two of them up and they went to that art gallery.

On the other hand Cameron had a big role in this week's episode. She had Cuddy's role actually. She wasn't terribly good at it, but that's because she respects House and his methods too much to turn down something that he thinks is necessary. I loved the whole sequence where she'd agreed to the whole body radiation and House had to figure out how to not give the patient full body radiation while not letting on that he didn't want to in the first place. I'm glad that Cuddy decided to get a nanny and come back to work though, because she's the only person who could ever hope to do her job and it was massively stressful when she was having an argument while the patients brain was out. In fact why do patients always end up with their brain out. Okay not always but it happens more than it happens in say scrubs.

I still don't like Thirteen and Foreman but I did like that Foreman eventually decided to put his medical career on the line and give Thirteen the real drug. Not because I want them to be together or anything (I'm not softening towards the coupling) I just want Thirteen to be alive longer. I liked how Foreman was working his way through everyone hoping for someone to tell him that it's okay to give Thirteen the real drug, despite the fact that he knew it wasn't okay to do that. I especially liked the conversation he had with House, and how he called her Remy. I don't like her going by her actual name but House's reaction to it was so good that it was worth it.

It was a good episode, even though I didn't really understand what was going on with the patient. Then again when do you ever really understand what's going on with the patients? Never, that's when. Oh and there was also a bit where Kutner was absolutely determined that it was her pancreas or something, but I kind of forgot about that because we all knew Kutner was wrong. Anyone who disagrees with House is automatically wrong. Returning momentarily to that thing before where I was writing a dictionary, if I was writing the definition for the word right I'd just stick a picture of House in there. He's like the very essence of rightness. Overall I'd give this episode an eight of ten for good drama, marking it down slightly because I don't like looking at people's brains... just no thanks.

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