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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Fable 2 - Knothole Island DLC - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 20:15
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Knothole Island is short, that much is undeniable. It consists of three quests with a dungeon each. Once you've done that I suppose you still have the other achievements. But even taking the other achievements into consideration Knothole Island can be done within a night. Is it value for money though? Well lets see it costs 800 Microsoft Points, but I don't actually know what that is in real money. I just happened to have a spare 1000 points that I thought could be put to better use than just sitting around looking pretty. Okay one quick trip to wikipedia and an encounter with a calculator later and I figure that costs about £6.80. Not bad I suppose. I would have put it at about five pounds for the amount of content that there is personally but I might just be bitter I paid more for Knothole Island than I did for the actual game (week-long rental).

Okay so that's the pricing and legnth dealt with, what about the actual content of the game. Is it good? Well yes. Not good in the same way as Fable is good. It's not emotional or creepy or frightening or any of the other words that could be used to describe the best bits of Fable. The island itself is cleverly designed though. There are three weather states and depending on which one it currently is certain areas are blocked off and certain other areas are accessible. The enemies are as easy as the rest of Fable and there isn't any real new creative enemies in the game but there are some clever puzzles including one flit switch which feels like playing tennis, a particuarly complicated version of tennis, but tennis nonetheless. There is one moral choice but it's such an easy and inevitable moral choice that you'll probably have already thought about and made it before it comes up in the game itself. I liked how there was the resurrection shrine that I could use to bring my dog back (I'd picked Sacrifice so everyone would stop thinking I was so unholily evil (surprisingly they like my evil character, who slaughtered the whole of Oakfield and sacrified loads of people to the Temple of Shadows better than they liked my character who just raised the prices at shops and raised the rent)).

All in all it was an okay way to get another couple of hours out of the game but I don't think it's anything to write home about. And if you're just doing the main quests in Knothole then hours might be pushing it. Six out of ten.

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