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Buffy - Spike

Demons 1x04 - Mina Is A Vampire or Something - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 19:50
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I can't remember what this epsiode was called but "Mina Is A Vampire or Something" pretty much sums it up. After watching Buffy I can't help but compare vampires from different continuities. Somewhere in my brain I'm subconcsiously trying to come up with a theory that will unite them all and place them in the same continuity. I'll let you know when I come up with that one. Anyway these vampires are all immoral and need smiting unless they filter their blood in which case they are just fine and not only do they get to live on without being smited they get immortality. I'm sure there must be a catch somewhere. Mina's probably only blind because she's a vampire who filters her blood. There has to be some kind of drawback to immortality otherwise wouldn't everyone do it? Also is the psychic thing part of her vampirism or is that something she had beforehand? So many unanswered questions...

The storyline revolves around some pretty wimpish vampires coming to town with a man with a zip on head. Galveston wants to kill them there and then but is unable to do so because of a lollipop lady, I think (and that's a lollipop lady as in a normal lollipop lady, not some kind of lollipop monster. Even in Demons a lollipop monster would be a bit weird). Anyway it turns out that the man vampire is Mina's son and that's why she doesn't really want to kill him. Wimpy vampires capture Little Jimmy Van Hellsing and Ruby and then it's up to Mina to provide Galveston with a location where the evil vampires are. It's shocking how quickly Galveston forgets that she just saved her son's life and trusts her to tell him the real location where the vampires are. They must have had a thing in the past, I'm sure of it. Anyway in the end she vamps out and goes psycho on her son, thus proving that she's on their side once again.

I liked this episode overall. I liked the twist that the man vampire was Mina's son. I didn't see that one coming at all. I also liked that this episode centred around Mina. I think she's probably my favourite character, after Galveston of course. Oh and I keep referring to them as wimpy vampires and you might, since you aren't a mindreader (presumably), be wondering exactly what they did that made them so wimpy. The blood van. Okay setting up a fake van for people to come and give blood is a fairly easy way to get a free meal if you're a vampire but vampires are strong and ruthless. Jumping people in alleyways is also an easy way to get a free meal if you're a vampire. Plus I bet when you get blood from a blood van you don't get enough to really quench your thirst. It's only really a good idea to do the blood van thing if you're desperately trying to stay off the radar of a local vampire slayer or a bunch of smiters, and these weren't doing that (they went bowling with the man whose head can be unzipped from his body (and I mean literally went bowling with him)). No self respecting vampire from the Buffyverse would be seen dead running a fake blood van scam. They might be seen dead stealing blood from the blood van (like in 2x08 - The Dark Age), but not running one. Overall the vampires in this episode get a two out of ten for being so lame, while the episode itself gets a respectable seven out of ten.

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