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Supernatural - New Ruby

Supernatural 4x12 - Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 18:08
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This episode of Supernatural is all about magicians that are being killed by some crazy mojo that loves using tarot cards. The whole episode is actually rather bizarre, for reasons I'll go into in a minute, but before I start pulling it apart I would like to take a second to reflect how great it is when in an episode of a program called Supernatural actual supernatural things happen. We like things that are supernatural. It's why we watch the show. Next time just make it follow some kind of internal logic.

Anyway so Old Magician A is doing dangerous escapes, which he doesn't think he'll really be able to escape. Young Magician A dies from the wound that should have killed Old Magician A. Sam and Dean get interested and come along to watch as Young Magician B dies from the woung that should have killed Old Magician A. They think "aha! Old Magician A is doing some magic!" He isn't though (and I guessed that he wasn't before the reveal so yay for me). You naturally assume that it's his friend Old Magician B, but at his next performance Old Magician B dies. So they come to the conclusion that it's Old Magician C (who wasn't fond of Old Magician B) and this is how it should have been. It makes sense. But here's what actually happened: It was Old Magician B. The one who'd died. Actually he didn't die because he became really young instead. Or something. Maybe he did die and then he became really young, as you do when you come back from the dead for some reason. The whole thing reeked of unnecessary plot twist. Old Magician C could have had just as much crazy youthmaking magic as Old Magician B did and the thing would have made sense. Old Magician A could then have saved the day by stabbing himself in the chest (don't ask) and then the end could have played out the same. Instead they decided to excessively confuse me and forever ruin my memory of the episode for a twist which didn't actually add anything to the story. I'm really hoping that these two episodes we've had lately aren't an indicator for the quality of episodes in the rest of the season.

The good bits in this episode come from Ruby and Sam. They're both talking very cryptically about cutting the head off of snakes and everything but at least they're getting something done. I liked how Sam and Dean were worrying about what their future was going to be like. Whether they'd both go out in a blaze of glory, whether they'd continue hunting into old age like Bobby (Sam doesn't seem to be in favour of this plan) or whether there eventually could be an end to it all. A way to stop the demons for good. Which may be what Sam and Ruby are heading off to do right now. Of course they won't manage it because it's not the season finale, but hey some more seals might get broken and there might be some excitement along the way, and possibly a fight with Lilith so bring it on. I'm looking forward to it after the confusing mess of this episode and the pointless non-supernaturalness of the last one. I give this episode a six out of ten.

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