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Bones - Sweets

Bones 4x12 and 4x13 - Double Trouble In The Panhandle and Fire In The Ice - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 17:44
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I loved Double Trouble In The Panhandle, or DT In The P as I mentally refer to it. I loved Bones and Booth going undercover, especially how Bones really got enthusiastic about their act and Booth's initial "I'm dead good at throwing knives" kind of withered away into a crippling dread that he might do Bones an injury. In fact this happened to both of them. Booth with the knife throwing and then Bones on the tightrope, while Booth cheered her on. I loved that they brought back Booth's fear/hatred of clowns and I loved the whole scene where he was trying to test some of their props. I loved how Bones decided that they should do a Russian knife-throwing act and their subsequent costumes (loved the look with the eyepatch by the way). I loved the little glimpse of Sweets' backstory. It was a great episode.

The second episode, Fire in the Ice was good as well but also a little weird at the same time. I don't know what was going on with the whole Booth has fallen over and now he's talking to a famous ice hockey player or something, but apparently it worked and it allowed them to catch the real villain of the peice. This was one of those episodes where I really suffer because I'm not good at recognising people. I should do like that bloke out of Momento does and take photographs of everyone to refer back to when the murderer is revealed. I loved Sweets attempting to find out about Booth's relationship with his father in this episode. I more or less love everything that involves Sweets. I think he's my new favourite character now that Zack's gone all crazy and homicidal. I hope Zack comes back eventually as a proper part of the team. I liked Mister Nigel Murray's reappearance in DT in the P, but I didn't even know who the replacement for Fire in the Ice was. And that FBI agent who was investigating Booth. Well beyond the original interrogation of Booth she didn't seem to do terribly much in the episode. Okay actually looking back she might have done more than I remembered, I guess I just wasn't really struck on the character.

Overall good episodes, but I preferred DT in the P to Fire in the Ice. Possibly because my issue of recognising people isn't really a factor at a locale like a circus, but mainly because I loved the whole undercover thing, and the shaking of the caravan. Oh and the performance. I love episodes where they go to other places, they're always so much more memorable than cases they investigate in the immediate area. Okay that sounds weird. I don't mean cases that they investigate just in the lab because that'd be weird (although not unprecedented). I mean I prefer cases where they go to another state. It provides variation. I think I'd give DT in the P a nine out of ten while Fire in the Ice might get a seven or eight.

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