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Chuck - Anna Wu

Fable 2 - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 17:13
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So Fable 2. At the beginning I didn't really remember much about Fable 1 and the Lost Chapters and to be honest I still don't remember much about Fable 1 and the Lost Chapters. One thing that had stuck with me and which coloured a substantial amount of my playtime was that by the time you arrived on the island in the Lost Chapters you were an old man. Not just an old man but a really seriously old man. Properly ancient. Kind of like this. Anyway so in Fable 2 when it came to go and spend ten years on the Spire I got into a bit of a mood thinking that eventually I was going to end up an old man, well technically an old woman at that point but that's beside the point. So looking back on my time in the Spire I imagine it was probably quite an interesting and evocative part of the game, but I was in such a mood that I just plowed through it huffily. This was to become a recurring theme as I played through the game. I was distracted as I was making my way into the Winter Lodge (thus missing the full impact of that shock) and when it came to the Perfect World segment of the game I was so convinced that it was some clever trap by Lord Lucien that I just got the hell out of there as soon as possible. The second time I played through the game I stopped and took my time at the Perfect World segment of the game and I found it to be an incredibly emotional experience. I don't think that I have ever played a game that has upset me as much as that did.

Fable 2 has some brilliant bits that span a wide range of emotions, from the grim and depressing Spire to the bittersweet joy of the Perfect World to the downright creepy Nightmare Hollow. I loved Nightmare Hollow. It is one of my favourite things about Fable 2. For those who didn't bother much with the sidequests Nightmare Hollow is what happens when you buy the Brightwood Tower and sleep in the bed right at the top of the tower. You are taken off to a nightmarish land and taunted by a really quite disturbing adversary. Chesty the Chest. Chesty the Chest deserves some kind of award or something. He manages to be incredibly creepy while just being an inanimate object (the only other inanimate object with that level of personality is the Weighted Companion Cube). I love Chesty and I want to be Super Best Friends with him!

In terms of the main storyline it's okay. Lord Lucien is building a big thing to grant his wish to make the world a "better place". It's alright. It's not exactly what you'd call epic, but I like it because I get the impression that this is just a prelude to something even bigger. Yes, this is the point in the review where I think Theresa is evil. The evidence that she is is overwhelming. I get the feeling that Lord Lucien was really just a pawn in Theresa's game and this whole thing was a way of raising the Spire. Personally I'm thinking that the Spire has the capability to grant more than just one wish, but it needs to recharge in between wishes. Theresa probably has her own diabolical wish that she wants the tower to grant in a few hundred years time, you know around about the time that Fable 3 will probably be set.

I liked the trip to Wraithmarsh and the reveal that it was Oakvale (the home town of the hero from the first fable if you are as slow as me). That was good. Interestingly enough I actually liked Reaver as a character. Okay he destroyed Oakvale, well I don't remember Oakvale so I'm not fussed. He tried to steal my youth and good looks, yeah but he didn't suceed. He ratted me out to Lucien, okay but was there ever any doubt? Then he shot Lucien before I could, not really that bothered. If Lucien's dead then Lucien's dead. Okay he did kill Barnum which was pretty close to unforgivable but he's not as bad a character as everyone seems to be making out. Plus he's voiced by Stephen Fry. What baffled me is how Theresa is voiced by Zoe Wanamaker, who plays the wife in My Family (an awful BBC sitcom). Okay she did exhibit tones of low menace come the end but who can really take seriously a character played by her. Okay I suppose that the people who cast the Harry Potter films would argue that lots of people can take seriously a role played by her but since all the films suck I beg to differ.

There are quite a few sidequests that can keep you entertained but if you play it constantly eschewing all forms of contact with the outside world like I did then you can finish the main game and all the sidequests in just a couple of days. It's no World of Warcraft that's for sure. It's still good though, and the quests are usually inventive, or sometimes twists on your expectations (like Rescuing Charlie). All in all I'm giving it a nine out of ten. I would actually give it a higher mark if after I'd raised the rent on the houses I owned and raised the prices in the shops I own people had hated me, rather than running from me as though I was going to murder them. Okay I'm a bit of a bastard for demanding loads of money off you but running away and cowering is going a bit far.

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