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Fringe - Walter Bishop

Fringe 1x11 - Bound - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 14:04
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This episode is a bit misleadingly titled I think. The title of the episode suggests that it will be all about Olivia's kidnapping and her subsequent escape and retrieval, or whatever. In fact this episode is mainly about a particuarly lethal virus that infects an epidemiologist (an expert in viruses). I think in light of that this episode should have been called Cold. It would have still sounded like it was about Olivia's kidnapping but would have actually referred to events later in the episode. Anyway I suppose that's kind of beside the point. My problem with Fringe at the moment is that whenever I watch it I'm like 'do I know this guy' all of the time. I have a terrible memory for faces. I had to pause the episode and check the Fringe wiki to see if I knew a certain character three times during this episode. Then again that might just be my problem.

I liked this episode. I thought the concept of using a single supersized cell of the common cold to kill the epidemiologists was very clever and I liked the twist at the end where Loeb claimed to be working to save Olivia and that he was one of the good guys. I'm not sure whether I believe him or not, I want to believe him because that would make a good twist and he could have been injecting Olivia with some kind of antidote or innoculation or something. However he did kidnap her in the first place so I don't know. Plus he killed those epidemiologists. But when it comes to those epidemiologists we only have their word that they were good guys. They could have been planning to unleash all kinds of evil viruses on the public and Loeb was stopping them. Oh I don't know who to trust. Actually I don't think I'm going to trust anyone beyond the main Fringe team. Walter probably had some good, funny things to say in this episode but I can't remember any because it was over a week ago so what do you expect? I didn't like the new character Sanford Harris, but then again you aren't supposed to like someone who comes in and starts abusing their power so blatantly.

Overall it was a good episode with a clever premise and excitement. Oh and I forgot to mention about Olivia's sister, Rachel. Well Rachel comes along with her daughter and is staying with Olivia for a while. I like her, she really reminds me of Daisy Adair off of Dead Like Me, but apparently not. She was in episode of Veronica Mars but it was just one episode, I'm hardly likely to remember her from that. Anyway I was coming to the point before I mentioned Rachel. The point was that I'm giving the episode eight thumbs up... and possibly a single supersized cell of the common cold virus.

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