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House - Thirteen

House 5x12 - Painless - Review

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 12:13
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I'm not what you could describe as a fan of Thirteen and Foreman's current pairing, I much prefer the idea of Thirteen and Cameron (for obvious reasons). I suppose I can tolerate it though, it's not like the end of the world or anything. I'm sure they'll probably find a reason to break up sooner or later. In the meantime I do like House's attitude towards Thirteen and Foreman in this episode (at least I hope it's this episode. I might be getting mixed up with this one and the next one). This is the episode where House is diagnosing that guy with chronic pain who wants to kill himself (and has several good gos at doing it). This is also the episode where House's water pipes break and he refuses to pay for them (originally I was sure he was going to attempt to diagnose his pipes). House eventually figured out that the man's pain stemmed from having epilepsy in his testicles, or something. I don't really understand the illnesses that people have sometimes. I like the episodes where it turns out that their personality or something is a symptom (there's a surprising amount of those) because in those episodes I can play along as well, attempting to figure out what is a symptom and what isn't. This episode also contained Taub having a real go at anyone attempting to kill themselves before the big reveal that he attempted to kill himself once. Okay it wasn't so much of a big reveal as a sort of acknowledgement of the conclusion everyone had come to. I wonder why Taub and Kutner don't get more storyline? Okay they pitch in their ideas and everything but they have no real storyline like what Thirteen has with her Huntington's and now with Foreman. At least Kutner used to have that thing where he'd accidentally set patients on fire or electrocute them or something. I liked him when he used to do that. He should do that more often.

This was an okay episode. House was trying really hard to help this guy because he kind of empathised with him a bit (the constant pain and all that) and he refused to let him take the easy way out and kill himself. It didn't make a lasting impression on me like Lucky Thirteen or Last Resort did, but it was alright so I guess it gets six thumbs up. I'm probably doing it a disservice and it could have been great, but my memory is really poor? Then again if I start making suppositions like that then where is it going to stop? I could question my whole world view, but I won't because it's not interesting and also it's boring. Anyway the end.

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