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Buffy - Willow and Tara

A Will Smith Triple Review

Posted on 2009.01.19 at 19:21
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So yesterday I said that I'd watched Seven Pounds, well after that I kind of decided to watch another couple of Will Smith films, so I ended up watching I Am Legend at some ridiculously late hour of the night. And now I'm doing a review of all three films, isn't it funny how life works? Anyway these are liable to be pretty short reviews because I have a book that I really should be reading.

Seven Pounds is a really good film. It's really great, but incredibly sad. I should have known it was going to be sad when everybody kept telling me how sad it was. That's usually a sign that a film is a bit sad. Anyway I decided to watch it simply because I wanted to know what it was about. Roughly the first quarter of the film was spent trying to figure out what was going on and the rest was watched, slightly questioning whether my theory was correct (him giving that woman his house really confused my theory, but eventually it turned out I was right), but mainly being sad and aware of what was sure to follow. It was a very emotional film and I would really recommend it if anybody happens to be reading this. I'd give it like an eight out of ten or something. Next up is a film that couldn't be less dissimilar to this if it was wearing a purple jacket and dancing in clogs. Or something.

So the next film on my list, as I work backwards through the latest films of Will Smith, is Hancock. The film about a superhero who is, to be blunt, an asshole. I enjoyed this film as well. I've heard people complain that they liked the first half of the film but didn't like the second half after the unexpected twist. That somehow the idea that there's another superhero (or whatever it is that they actually are) out there somehow breaks the internal logic of the first half of the film. I have to disagree. This film does feel very divided down the middle and I'm sure there was probably a way to make the transition between the first and second half of the film smoother but this change in pace and everything is necessary. The first half of the film lacked conflict. It was more to set up the character of Hancock. Who he is, what he's about, all that kind of thing. The first half of the film is like an introduction to the character. The second half introduces some conflict into the storyline by introducing someone else with superpowers. Hancock is very clever as a film. It subverts the superhero genre in both halves. In the first half by having a gritty superhero who doesn't really like other people and who other people don't really like. In the second half there is another character with superpowers introduced and this creates conflict and peril but it does it in a really unusual way. Instead of conflict with the other person with superpowers (though there is a bit) it says that superheroes (or gods or angels or whatever they are) were created in pairs. Kind of like in a star-crossed lovers kind of way. The downside to this is that when they are together they lose their powers, in order that they can settle down and live a normal human life. So the peril doesn't come from some other superpowered character. The power comes from just an ordinary crook out for revenge who happens to strike at a particuarly opportune time. I like Hancock. It's very clever. And you know, it's got flashy special effects, so yay for them. I'd give it a nine out of ten. Next up is I Am Legend.

The final film of the big reviewmongous review. This is the film that's all about how a deadly man made virus has wiped out most of the population of the planet and turned some into monsters that hide in the dark. This was a very good film, fun for the most part (at the beginning at least). I liked the segment where Neville went into that darkened building in search of his dog. I was wondering what was going on with the way he was cupping the light at first but after seeing all the darkseekers stood around like useless mannequins I got the point. That bit was very creepy. For me this was a good film with a really sad bit in the middle (it wasn't so much that the dog died that he was now completely alone in the world, no matter how many jokes he can make and how many mannequins he can talk to after that, he's completely alone) and then everything went a bit action movie near the end when the darkseekers invaded their house. That bit wasn't so good as it wasn't really scary. It would have been better had they been hiding and it had been tense. Tense, creepy scary is always scarier than shooting things to death. I think the ending was a bit of a cop-out though, because they needed to think of a way to end the film. I wouldn't have minded the ending so much but for one thing that annoyed and confused me at the same time. The butterfly thing. The big darkseeker was smacking down the wall and the cracks formed a butterfly, suddenly he notices a butterfly tattoo on the neck of the cured woman and when the woman asks what he's doing he says he's finally listening. Okay yes your child did try to show you a butterfly (or her hands in the shape of a butterfly) but that wasn't like some clue you were ignoring. That was just something that happened. There's no way you can see a butterfly and think that your child was trying to tell you the answer the whole time which is what was suggested by that line. The answer wasn't there under your nose. The answer was gained through hard work and extensive experimentation. If that line hadn't been there and there hadn't been that pointless rubbish about the butterfly I think the ending would have been better. It would have made more sense at any rate. I'm going to give it a seven out of ten because it was great to start with, but then I kind of lost interest after that woman and child showed up, even before it turned into an action movie. Overall it's good but confused.

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