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Angel - Illyria

Demons 1x03 - Saving Grace - Review

Posted on 2009.01.17 at 21:04
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I could smell the trap coming as though the trap reeked of mouldy cheese. I think it was supposed to be just that obvious though, to illustrate just how blinded by rage Rupert Galveston (or whatever he's called) was. I liked Mister Tibbs (by the way I get the feeling that I'm supposed to be aware of the name Mister Tibbs. It sounds vaguely familiar but I can't for the life of me place it. It sounds like a cats name more than a rats name though) though I did thing the extremely long shot of his tail at the very end of the episode was a bit excessive. I've always said that I like Demons because the monsters in it defy explanation. Thankfully Galveston didn't try and explain what they were this week and we head on down the path of having increasingly weird half-lives. I liked the reference that little Jimmy Van Hellsing made 'what's his quirk then'. I like the idea that all these half-lives are crazed psychopaths with some kind of bizarre fetish. I especially like the whole rat experimenting on humans irony.

One thing that I kind of have an annoyance about is those guns. They're too powerful. One shot from those guns and any half-life appears to be reduced to a cloud of purple ribbons (love the special effect by the way, very nice). It just seems like too powerful of a weapon to have so early into the series. It means that the writers are going to have to keep coming up with reasons as to why they forgot the weapons or have them drop the weapons by accident or have the weapons jam or something. Otherwise it's too easy. There has to be some kind of difficulty in smiting these half-lives otherwise it's hard to base a tv show around the smiting of them.

I still don't like Ruby. This episode was supposed to be all like 'hey look we do need her, she saved us from a bomb and everything' but she just did that by proxy. A trained labrador could have saved them. She was just there and able to cut a wire. She didn't know what wire she was cutting, she guessed. A trained labrador would have been better because you could have trained it to know what wire it was cutting. I think personally that little Jimmy Van Hellsing should end up with Mina. She's a much more interesting character. Also another thing that annoyed me about Ruby was that she was so amused by the idea that Jimmy's mum thought he was dating Mina. Okay it's not happening, hence the comedy. It wasn't that funny though. It was predictable and obvious and yet she still felt it was funny enough to call him up and giggle down the phone about it. Am not liking Ruby. One thing I am liking is the theme tune. That's a good theme tune and I must remember to look it up. Anyway that's what I think. It was a good episode, overall I'd give it eight out of ten thumbs up.

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