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Chuck - John Casey

Resistance 2 - Review

Posted on 2009.01.17 at 01:01
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I know it's never a good sign when someone wants to start a review with the words 'here are the things I hate' but needs must as the devil drives and start the review with that phrase I must. First among the things that I hate is the idea of sentinels. In the first game Nathan Hale is unique. Someone who has been infected by the Chimeran virus but isn't a Chimera. Stronger than a human and less evil than a Chimera, he's individual. Suddenly the second game comes along and it turns out there's a whole bunch of them and they live in America and they call themselves Sentinels and they have their own base and everything. Lame. The game seeks to tie up all the loose ends from the last game (i.e. Nathan can resist the virus because he's on something called inhibitors, The mysterious cloven mentioned in intel documents throughout the first game are early experiments with the inhibitors, etcetera) and in doing so loses the mystery that the first game possessed. Furthermore I didn't like the move to America. Okay it did allow us to explore some 1950s suburban housing filled to the brim with pulsating spinner sacs (more on that later) and the wreckage of Chicago but all in all it feels kind of like the Sentinels thing. Like it's betraying it's roots. I wanted the sequel to take place in mainland Europe. To fight the Chimera around the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and other European landmarks which may or may not be towers. It seemed the direction in which the game was going to to go at the end of the first game and it would have been awesome. Nathan could have fought them back, going deeper into grey territory until he reached Russia itself and maybe the crater where the Chimera virus started out. But instead of that they decided to go with Daedalus. Which is a friend of Nathan's who was also in this Project Retcon and turned into a big monster who wanted to destroy the world or something. It was lame anyway. I also got the impression that we were supposed to care because it had once been a friend of Nathan's but since we never ever saw this friend of Nathan's I was kind of running low on the sympathy. Other things that I didn't like was that most of the storytelling aspect of the game had vanished. Either that or it took place in level, which is supposed to be better or something, but for me when a storyline is told through in level dialogue I tend not to notice because I'm too busy trying not to die to listen to all the characters chattering on with themselves. Incidentally why do all the enemies in this game hate me? Okay because i'm the enemy and blah blah blah. But the rest of my team are the enemy as well and I don't think I saw a single enemy try to attack anyone from the rest of my team once throughout the game. In fact there were times when they ran past the rest of my team, around a corner and down a corridor just so they could attack me. And the enemies, god some of them were cheap. Cheap as in, unfair overpowered killing bastards. Like those chameleons. Easy to kill if you know they're coming and precisely where they are but really cheap otherwise. Sometimes while having a sniper fight with some of the bastard chimera I'd suddenly find myself going from full health to dead and would find out later that a chameleon decided to sneak up on me. Stupid bleeding chameleons. The guns weren't as good either. The Sapper was missing and that was one of my favourite guns from Resistance 1, but even without taking those into consideration the guns didn't feel as creative. Sure the auger and the bullseye were back (and as awesome as ever, shooting enemies through walls is super awesome) but the new guns, the wraith and the belloc and the splicer all felt a bit generic. Not really as creative as the guns in Resistance 1 had been. Plus some of the enemies were just getting ridiculous. I mean that Leviathan... I thought Chimera were supposed to be made out of humans that were transformed. So... erm... I guess there was rather a lot that I didn't like about the game. Lets talk about some of the things that I did like.

Well, the level where you're in a 1950's suburban neighbourhood and it's filled with pulsating spinner sacs was awesome. Walking through those abandoned houses was so creepy. I loved that bit. There were other bits with those spinner zombies which should have been great but just didn't feel right. That bit though, that was great. Then there was the opening shot of the level where you were in Chicago. The flashy neon sign. That opening shot was a great opening shot which ultimately failed to deliver the flashy neon level I wanted. Erm... good things... what else was good? Well I suppose the auger and bullseye were still good, but since they were remnants from Resistance 1, Resistance 2 doesn't get any points for them. I think that's about it as far as good things go. How about the storyline. Well I'm kind of bummed out that Nathan Hale died at the end of it. I guess next time we get to play as Captain Dickface who was ever so eager to kill Nathan. Not that there was a lot of competition. All of the other Sentinels (did I mention I hate the concept of Sentinels?) had apparently lost their personality when they ingested the Chimeran virus. I liked how the storyline with Nathan not taking the inhibitors was playing out, right to the end. Well almost to the end. I didn't like my magic kerflooie powers once I'd killed Daedalus because that was just getting stupid and I didn't like that he just turned into a Chimera. I guess I still had the foolish notion in my head that Nathan might be different. That he might have become something unique. There's no place for thinking like that in Resistance 2. I hated that he died and I hate that we'll probably have to take the role of the bastard who killed him in Resistance 3 to investigate those very tedious floaty things that appeared in the explosion.

In summary I find myself surprised by how much I hate this game because at the time it seemed okay. I thought I was going to have to knock a point off the score because of those damn chameleons but that was the only criticism I really had at the time. In the end I guess I'm going to have to give Resistance 2 a four out of ten. It'd get worse but it's a playable game and it's not really too bad unless you think about it and how good it could have been. Anyway I don't think I can end this review without making the following pun, so prepare yourself, ahem, I guess this time Resistance really is futile. Ta-da! Anyway that's the end of my review. Time to go and do something slightly less time-wasty.

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