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Firefly - Jayne

Gears of War 2 - Review

Posted on 2009.01.15 at 10:50
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Last time I commented that Gears of War had a surprise ending. Not a twist ending where you're surprised by a revelation of some kind, just one that was suddenly there when you weren't expecting it. I probably came to that conclusion because I was really failing to follow the plot. I got the main points: "here are some monsters, kill them. Oh and remember to take cover unless you like dying". This time in Gears of War 2 the ending was the exact opposite. After working my way down to confront the Locust Queen and fight Skorge (how awesome is Skorge?!) I was certain the game was about to end. Then we're escaping the cavern and fighting Skorge's flying thing (something I'd mentally renamed Big Head) and I was like 'ahh this'll be the end then' then we're getting to Jacinto and I'm thinking 'this'll probably be the end'. Not that I'm complaining, more game than I was expecting is a good thing. I like to have more of a game to play through.

One of the things I really like about Gears of War are the characters. Not Marcus or Dom for example, because they're a bit too generic, I was thinking more Cole, or Carmine for example. I really liked how we got a new Carmine in this game and I was saying to my friend all the way through that Carmine was doomed. Turns out he was super-doomed. God does not like Carmines. The first Carmine (Anthony Carmine) was just shot in the head. That's it. Carmine 2 (Ben Carmine) was shot by a bunch of locusts, fell out of helicopter, was eaten by a giant worm and impaled upon some kind of worm membrane. I'm looking forwards to the next Gears of War when we meet Carl Carmine and then presumably a fourth Gears of War when we meet Dave Carmine. I'm expecting that the final Carmine that we meet will probably be a super tough killing machine able to rival even Marcus himself, you know, for the irony. Cole is also great, his best moment in the entire game being when he took control of the PA system in the locust hive and proceeded to rant and rave brilliantly.

The storyline was good, not sure what the whole thing with the lambent locusts was about. Especially that one lambent that had some weird energy flow away up the wall after it's death. That was weird. It was ironic how we ended up doing the very thing that we didn't want to do at first. Sinking Jacinto. At the time I was saying to my friend that this did not seem like a good idea. It seemed to me in fact that after the Locust Queen lost her pet worm she might not have actually been able to sink Jacinto any more and so decided that the best way to sink it would be to make the humans believe that sinking it would do more harm to the locusts than it would to them. This theory was kind of backed up by Adam Fenix turning up after the credits and saying in a distraught voice "what have you done?" The only thing which I didn't really like about the story this time was the emphasis placed upon finding Dom's wife. It seemed a bit forced and a bit at odds with the whole 'kill all the locusts' mentality of the rest of the game.

The gameplay was much the same, only with new weapons and new enemies to fight and everything. I loved the scorcher and I still hate the torque bow. The lancer was as awesome as ever with the added bonus of chainsaw duels. I loved taking control of that flying thing the name of which I suddenly can't remember and the brumak. It was awesome. I'm not what you'd call ecstatic about those bits where you're on a moving platform or a moving assault derrick and you have to defend yourself (assault derrick?!) because they're so slow, and plus it's dead hard to shoot down nemacysts. But the rest of the game was good. All in all I'm giving it nine thumbs up.

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