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The Better Mousetrap by Tom Holt - Review

Posted on 2009.01.13 at 00:25
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This is the latest book in what I like to refer to as the JWWellsverse. Or what I would refer to as the JWWellsverse had I ever had occasion to think about Tom Holt's latest continuity. Whenever I start reading the latest Tom Holt book I always feel as though I'm missing out on important information by only remembering the absolute basics of what happened in the previous books. In The Portable Door Paul Carpenter got possession of a Portable Door and one of the partners at JW Wells got turned into a photocopier. In In Dreams he fought the Queen of the Fey and erm... I guess he won somehow or something. In Earth, Air, Fire and Custard... well I'm not sure I ever figured out what happened in EATAC. I think he faked his own death at one point and he was from the past and didn't know it and Theo Van Spee had an entire universe made out of custard or something. I don't think that one even made sense while I was reading it. In You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here But It Helps someone sells their firm to the devil and... erm... nope no idea what happens in that. In Barking it's all about werewolves and vampires and I'm not sure that even really can be classed as being in the JWWellsverse. So usually when I pick up one of Tom Holt's latest books I have to really crawl through my mind to figure out what is going on, but luckily Frank Carpenter (Paul Carpenter's son from the future) does give a bit of a handy (not going into too much detail) recap during his conversation with Mr. Tanner. I'm beginning to think that Tom Holt's books should come with a previously section at the start in which the previous adventures in the JWWellsverse are handily summarised.

Like most of his other books this one had a complicated plot. This one concerned Amelia Carrington's concerted efforts to get hold of the Portable Door and a massive heap of Bauxite and erm... do something with it. I don't actually remember what she wanted to do with it but it seemed to make sense at the time if that's any consolation. I don't think it was quite a taking over the world kind of thing, more a cornering the market in Bauxite kind of thing but there was plenty of excitement nonetheless. I really liked Emily, more so than Frank who seemed very reminiscent of his father except less able to cope in normal situations (loved him going to get George to help him pick out a shirt). Especially loved the whole segment where Emily was called to exterminate one of the partners in another firm after they'd apparently just discovered he was a troll. The way she handled that situation was great and then the way she rationalised letting the troll kill the other partners was great as well. Plus I loved the disappearing tree with cat in it. In fact I think it's fair to say I preferred the first half of the novel back when I had less of an idea of what was going on. The more I knew what was going on, the less I understood what was going on. In the end I just boiled it down to 'Amelia is evil and she must be dealt with'. Overall I'd give this one a rating of seven thumbs up. It's not groundbreaking but all the messing around with all the portable doors and that is fun, plus I liked Erskine and everything. In fact it's a good book but for not understanding why the principle antagonist was doing any of the things she was doing.

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