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How I Met Your Mother - Swarley

The First And Probably The Last Time I'll Watch Saturday Night Live

Posted on 2009.01.12 at 19:14
Current Mood:: confusedconfused
Neil Patrick Harris is awesome and anything he touches turns to awesome, kind of like an awesome King Midas. So since he was to host Saturday Night Live (a program with which I have less than no experience with or knowledge of) I decided to watch it, and my verdict was it's alright but it's not something I would watch otherwise. It might be my inherant Britishness rising to the occasion or my total inability to pay attention to current events but some of the bits meant absolutely nothing to me. Then there was the bit with air traffic controllers and that just bewildered me as I couldn't figure out what the joke was supposed to be. It eventually occured to me that the joke might be that they have long nails and lotiony hands and thus can't operate the controls effectively, but that felt too obvious and so I continued to search for a punchline that never appeared.

It was an interesting experience, made bearable by Neil Patrick Harris, but I'd never watch it again. Shows like this aren't intended for me.

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