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Chuck - Sarah Walker

Demons 1x02 - The Whole Enchilda - Review

Posted on 2009.01.11 at 18:57
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Started this episode with an air of slight annoyance, like how you feel when someone out there is systematically stealing every idea you've ever had. Ages ago I had an idea for a program, which incidentally would be called Daemon, and one of the ideas I had for it was that amongst other demons and everything that they fought there would be evil angels. Anyway it turned out that this episode just went for 'demon pretending to be an angel' and all was well with the world but for a moment there I thought someone had sauntered into my brainbox and pulled out my idea of evil bloodthirsty angels who love to kill and maim more than demons.

The main theme of this episode was 'real life interferes with demonslaying with disasterous results' a bit like Never Kill A Boy On The First Date right back from the first season of Buffy, or numerous other episodes of things. Then again I suppose not every episode of everything can sparkle with originality. I was kind of disappointed that they started to refer to half-lives as demons and started naming things instead of just referring to them as whatever grade of badness they were. If you start having to explain what your enemies are then you drastically reduce the scope of enemies you can get away with. What about that monkeydemon and the mouthexcreter from last week, what about those bearlike demons and the man with the nose. How do you explain what the hell they were? I want the show to go back to the really sort of abstracted randomness of the demons it had last week. That said when Gilgamel turned up at the end I was pretty impressed because he did look the part.

Still don't like Ruby, but I do kind of like little Jimmy Van Hellsing's mother and I think he should tell her what's going on. She deserves to know, so long as she doesn't want to actively get involved in half-life hunting. Plus having her around and not briefing her on the dangers puts her in danger. Overall it was a good episode but I wasn't as enthusiastic as last week because the demons weren't nearly as original. I liked Richard Wilson's role though. I think he might be recurring in the series. I suppose he kind of has to be because we still don't know what went down between him and Branston Pickles. I guess I give it seven thumbs up, and an irate zombie who still thinks it's the seventeenth century.

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