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Angel - Lorne

Demons 1x01 - They Bite - Review

Posted on 2009.01.09 at 22:15
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So. Demons. This is the program where the advert was that little gobliny thing living under someone's bed. I would have watched it from that alone, but add in Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt from Life on Mars) and I'm... erm... more interested? I don't know where that sentence is going. The point is I'm excited for it.

Unsurprisingly Philip Glenister's character is my favourite thus far, even if he does have a dodgy american accent (which grew on me as the episode progressed). I like his straightforward no-nonsense attitude and his frequent use of the word smite. As the other characters go I like Mina (the blind violinist/seer (or whatever it is that she does)) and I like Jimmy Van Hellsing or whatever his name is, but I don't really see the point of his girlfriend getting involved. In the first episode she got all held hostage and everything, I'm thinking since she doesn't have any powers or noble heritage she'll probably get held hostage a lot. But, whatever.

I like the demons. In this one there was that monkey-like one that was in the adverts, one that looked like some kind of carnival freakshow and excreted through it's mouth (ick btw), some demons that looked like large unfriendly ewoks and one with a metal nose who floated through the air and very much reminded me of the Hitcher. I like how Branston Pickles, or whatever Philip Glenister's character's name is, doesn't care what they are and only refers to them by rank of how dangerous they are. Simply refusing to try and explain what the half-lifes are is a good recipe for having some very interesting half-lifes.

All in all it was a good episode. Okay it was a pilot episode and so it'll never win any awards for being great but as pilot episodes go it did it's job well. Introduced the characters, the concept, the setting. All that business. Nevermind that I didn't actually manage to pick up on any of the characters names or anything. That always takes me a while. Overall it gets an eight thumbs up.

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