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Big Bang - Sheldon

New Years Resolutions

Posted on 2009.01.04 at 20:46
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1. Read More Books
2. Write More Reviews

As you can see I've already started writing more reviews, having already reviewed a book, a film and a game in the space of just one day. I also have a review of that new program starring Philip Glennister and Mackenzie Crook to write. The short version, which will do for the now, is that it was good. In terms of the new years resolution of reading more books, well when I thought up that resolution I thought it was going to be easy. After all I could only remember reading one book last year so reading more was going to be a breeze. I'd already read one book so far! However I later remembered I read all those Dexter books. So technically I need to read five books this year in order to win that resolution. Then again do people really win resolutions? In fact at the end of the year does anyone ever look back and see if they have kept their resolution? No! In that case my third resolution is to throw a watermelon to the moon. I'll never do it but I'll probably never think about it again, so who cares?

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