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Tatu 4

Mirror's Edge - Review

Posted on 2009.01.03 at 16:37
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Okay so a little previously I said that I didn't see what everyone was complaining about and, well now I do. At first I loved it, leaping from building to building, running up walls, performing complex acrobatic stunts and using those stunts to flee from enemies. Brilliant. However as the game goes on it becomes less and less about all the things I like and it starts being about killing, disarming or knocking unconscious every gorram police officer on the planet. All the exciting platforming (which was great) seems to fall away as I navigate from room to room of annoying enemies. This is made worse by how delicate Faith is (naturally, she's a runner not a fighter) and so cannot fight more than one of the damn enemies at once. Meaning I have to run around until they seperate and then fight them. Combined with a dreadfully seldom checkpoint system it's enough to make you want to take your copy of Mirror's Edge and forcefully feed it to whomever decided that the fighting was more fun than the platforming.

Personally when it comes to rating this game I would like it if the game would helpfully split itself into two games. One comprised of the first half of the game and one comprised of the second half. If that was to happen I'd be able to give the first of these two games a great whopping score, like a nine or something and the second of these games a tiny little score like a three or something. However since games aren't capable of spontaneous mitosis I'm going to have to rank it as a whole, which I suspect gives it a middling score somewhere around a six. Maybe I'm biased because I tried not to use the gun throughout the whole game and I suppose the combat is probably a little more fluid and a little more balanced if you get yourself a gun, but in my defence the game was egging me on; telling me I'd get an achievement if I didn't use a gun. So I rest the blame squarely on the shoulders of the game.

Oh and if this game didn't manage to fail so hard in the later levels I'd totally mark it up a notch for it's awesome Buffy reference (One of the bad guys stating that something or other is "Five by Five").

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