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Twilight: Double Review

Posted on 2009.01.03 at 10:43
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So I've finally read Twilight. It only took me so long because the book is so popular. Once I actually had it in my hands I'd read it within a couple of days. And now I've watched the film. Here's my opinion of both things. Enjoy!

I love the book. It's a vampire book, with vampires and sometimes the vampires fight and bare their teeth and bite people and so it obviously must be good for making a film of, is an opinion that a film studio had one day. So they commissioned a film, without bothering to actually read the source material. And the film was dreadful and all through the land palms smacked against faces and so on and so forth.

My problem with the film is that they didn't want to make Twilight: The Romance (that has some vampires), they wanted to make Twilight: The high octane, action packed, special effects extravaganza. Now the scenes which were high on the special effects were actually pretty good. I liked the bit in the forest where they're talking about how he's a vampire, and the baseball game and the fight in the ballet studio (though I didn't like the bit where he's climbing trees because of the whole "what's the point?" of it). Those bits were good. But it feels like to make those bits good they've missed out on the bits that make the story good. The romantical bits. Okay they're all there but they feel like they've been filmed in one take and then everyone has gone off to play with the special effects. The emotion of the book doesn't feel like it's there, and despite the film studio's best efforts this is still a romance so the emotions not being there is a pretty big issue. The whole thing feels jumbled and disjointed.

However in balance the film does have a couple of good points. I've already said that I did like the actiony bits so there's one good thing it has. Secondly the casting. The casting on Twilight is unbelievably good. Not just Edward and Bella, Alice is also cast brilliantly, as is James and well most of the Cullen family. The casting is so good that it even goes to some of the minor characters. Eric for example. Just a bumbling two dimensional human in the book. In the film he's still bumbling and a human but he feels like he has more of a personality and is actually rather likeable for such a minor character. Then there's Laurent. Despite how pointless and brief his appearances are in the film (did you see his appearance at the Cullen's house? What was the point of that?) he really suits that role and I'm kind of hoping that he might reappear in later films (not that I'd have the inclination to watch later films. It'd just be nice to know he's in them). Other things that are good about the film version of Twilight? Oh yes I knew I had another thing that was good about it. The whole thing with James. It did kind of feel a little bit tacked on with James and his band going around killing people and everything, but that's nothing to how tacked on it felt in the book. In the book it's like "romance romance romance romance okay now there's an unstoppable evil creature going to kill you". I liked the way it integrated James and Co into the bulk of the storyline. So that was good.

All in all there are worse films, I suppose, but the book is far superior. As it always is. Why do I never learn to stop watching films of books I've read? Actually why do people never learn to stop making films of books? That'd obviously be the better course of action? Ih, nevermind. I'll change the world tomorrow. For now I want to go and play Mirror's Edge for a while. Opinion so far: I don't know what everyone's complaining about.


lrigd at 2009-01-03 10:52 (UTC) (Link)
Glad I'm not the only one who preferred the book...
The film was pretty good, too, though. I liked James, lol, even if he's one of the minor characters.
And as for the making-books-into-films... They just can't leave it alone, can they? And to be honest, I'm always quite curious to see how they portrayed the book... What actors they used... And some films turn out really well, such as HP. Others... well, others don't.
*stopping the babbling now*
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