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Katy Perry 1

2008 in 2008 Words

Posted on 2009.01.02 at 10:31
Current Mood:: accomplishedaccomplished
Usually I give myself just 500 words to pinpoint all the best and worst moments of the year. This year I may require rather more words than that because well, I've actually updated frequently!

January 1st: As the new year dawns I discuss my calendar policy.
January 1st Again: I foolishly revise my expectations for Lost: Via Domus up.
January 4th: I abuse the phrase 'and all that jazz'.
January 5th: Lesbian Icon Meme!
January 7th: Photography based questions seem innocent enough at first.
January 8th: Isn't January a boring name for a month. I prefer Dewbighty.
Dewbighty 9th: It's nanny's birthday so obviously it's time to buy myself an xbox 360!
Dewbighty 10th: The photography questions just keep on coming.
Dewbighty 13th: Will the photography questions ever end?
Dewbighty 14th: Yes. Yes they will.
Dewbighty 17th: Apparently Captain John Hawke was played by James (Spike) Marsters. Here's something I said about it at the time.
Dewbighty 22nd: Thanks to an ebay man I get hassled by a crowd of ebay morons.
Dewbighty 24th: My very first issue of my incredibly successful feature: Random Review!
Dewbighty 24th Again: My very first issue of my incredibly less successful feature: Zeroes!
Dewbighty 27th: I wish those photography questions were back...
Dewbighty 31st: Celebrity Deaths!

Xaixalzix 4th: I see a film that would make my music teacher spin in his grave and another which isn't about a cling film monster.
Xaixalzix 5th: I invent a new form of astrology: Chesstrology!
Xaixalzix 7th: I give up my irrational hate for lent.
Xaixalzix 8th: I manage to uphold my lenten vows while watching Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Kate Nash's music videos.
Xaixalzix 11th: It's easy to like people when you ignore their opinions and think of them as just being objects of sexual desire.
Xaixalzix 22nd: The grand finale of the Century of Facts, complete with highlights flashback and a song.
Xaixalzix 27th: There's an earthquake and I have heel pains. Talk about irony...

Quallitfoz 1st: I am mentally scarred by Lost: Via Domus.
Quallitfoz 10th: Daily Lesbians?
Quallitfoz 11th: I start up a new feature involving Inappropriately Cropped Celebrity Pictures (ICCPs).
Quallitfoz 15th: Dante Must Die Completion Gloat cut tragically short.
Quallitfoz 17th: I endeavour to be up all night long!
Quallitfoz 17th Again: The season finale of the ICCPs.
Quallitfoz 18th: How my brain punished me for staying up all night.
Quallitfoz 19th: Torchwood suceeds in making the most incomprehensible thing ever.
Quallitfoz 24th: Easter has passed and I'm free to hate again!
Quallitfoz 26th: I've purchased World of Warcraft but the game doesn't want me to play it.

Arnold 2nd: I incite vicious rebellion because of a repeat of a show which is at best alright.
Arnold 6th: I actually liked Catherine Tate in the new series of Doctor Who. Her granddad's dance was a bit much though.
Arnold 18th: The actions of one inconsiderate person doom the rest of the human race to being called cunts by me.
Arnold 23rd: Click the link to find out why I called this entry the Soothing Sound of Silver Sheep. You'll be shocked!
Arnold 24th: I critically analyse a crunchie advert.
Arnold 29th: That's a good point! What do we need all that sleep for anyway? I'm sure we'd be just as coherant without it!

Hey 1st: I take the concept of smashing things to a metaphysical level.
Hey 6th: These websites don't exist but I really think they should. How else am I supposed to live my nal?
Hey 7th: I really wish I'd actually used this new catchphrase of mine.
Hey 9th: This is made more distressing because someone actually died die from laughing too much at Paul Merton. I can see the adverts now: Paul Merton - He's so funny you might die!
Hey 10th: With my brain even waking up is complicated.
Hey 15th: I reveal, through the medium of my random review, that I actually have a wiki completely dedicated to myself.
Hey 17th: I just knew that Deep Purple would eventually ruin Doctor Who.
Hey 18th: Lesbian News! What it lacks in news it makes up for in lesbians!
Hey 22nd: Due to the lack of lesbian news, and the existence of an equality deer, I abandon Lesbian News.
Hey 24th: The Annual Annoyance returns.
Hey 25th: Firefly is awesome!
Hey 27th: Pirates or Ninjas? or Pinjas (or Nirates?)?
Hey 28th: The story of a brave beetle known as Herman Heartbreak. Soon to be made into a major motion picture.
Hey 29th: Oh no! I'm Butters...! I'm Butters but... smugger! :(

Junemas 1st: With Simone Deveaux as it's mascot Junemas is in danger of being the most obsolete month ever.
Junemas 2nd: Stephen Moffat is to Doctor Who what Jesus is to Christianity.
Junemas 3rd: Writer's Block is now so lame that I wish the photography questions were back.
Junemas 5th: Big Brother flavoured swathes of hate-filled blather.
Junemas 10th: Lesbian thought for the day!
Junemas 12th: The Twelve Days of Junemas!
14th Junemas: An episode of Doctor Who worse than Love and Monsters? Surely that isn't possible?
15th Junemas: Sadly when the villain is a woman who repeats what you say being worse than Love and Monsters is not only possible, but also inevitable.
21st Junemas: A somewhat better Doctor Who heralds the fast approach of the season finale. I'm still waiting on that space octopus.
22nd Junemas: Surprise Haircut!
25th Junemas: This would be an impressive theory... if I had suffered brain death before espousing it.
28th Junemas: This probably isn't going to happen.

Brilltober 1st: I invent a new TV show about hats and homeless people.
Brilltober 5th: I am the plot guessing master! Bow down before my incredible plot guessing power!
Brilltober 6th: Billiam The Fox!
Brilltober 9th: I bet David Bowie is spinning in his grave!
Brilltober 15th: Best. Film. Ever.
Brilltober 16th: It's Season 2 of the ICCPs... The entire season 2 of the ICCPs (Even they were hit by the damn writer's strike!).
Brilltober 17th: My new feature: Bad Science. It fails somewhat because it's essentially a series of puns based on the exact wording of the wikipedia article. It has a cool science icon though. Hooray for science!
Brilltober 18th: My new feature, My Name Is Cube, gets off to a good start as I make up for number 8 on my list: Denied that I ever liked the Spice Girls.
Brilltober 20th: It's my mum's birthday and it seems that Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog is best gift money can buy. (Caution the birthday of my mum isn't actually mentioned in this entry but it definately happened on this day so what the hell. Right?)
Brilltober 21st: Lesbian news with actual news and lesbians!?
Brilltober 23rd: Who would have thought a picture of a dance instructor and a fish could be so entertaining. Nobody who read the Tale of Anton Du Beke that's for sure!
Brilltober 23rd Again: It's My Birthday And I'll Post Excessively If I Want To!
Brilltober 26th: Famine!

Raztember 3rd: These should be real programs. Seriously.
Raztember 6th: Lesbianism with Katy Perry is too much effort.
Raztember 7th: There's a blackout and candles are awesome!
Raztember 10th: I win Grand Theft Auto IV 100%!
Raztember 13th: It's the world's longest music quiz!
Raztember 23rd: I quit the Writer's Block.
Raztember 25th: I've got Shrodinger's Alarm Clock
Raztember 28th: Despite quitting from the Writer's Block I manage to ask myself a question which is somewhat similar (some would say exactly the same) as the question that was being asked that day. Spooky or what?
Raztember 31st: Joss Whedon makes the best musicals.

Eternember 3rd: I reveal that although my quitting of the Writer's Block was just part of a carefully choreographed livejournal storyline I actually like it better without the Writer's Block and I'm not going to use it any more.
Eternember 7th: I start using the Writer's Block again.
Eternember 8th: I start my most easily forgettable feature ever: Cube's All Original Content That He's Thought Up Himself Extravaganzafest 2008!
Eternember 12th: I write an incomprehensible story for the Extravaganzafest. Seriously that one where they were all shrunk and then he went outside and was hit by a car was better than this.
Eternember 16th: I attempt to solve the Bus Crash mystery in typical Veronica Mars style. By suspecting people who are ridiculously unlikely to have committed the crime.
Eternember 17th: Cake of a 1950s Genre Detective.
Eternember 19th: Avast. It's talk like a pirate day again.
Eternember 23rd: Uninformed Speculation for the third season of Heroes. You can tell it's uninformed because absolutely none of it (almost) is right.
Eternember 23rd Again: It's Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Lets Celebrate!
Eternember 23rd Yet Again: My icons have gone awry.
Eternember 30th: My teeth hate me.

Dexember 3rd: I admit to my job as someone who cleans up the mess made when dimensions collide with one another and show off some of the insider information from said imaginary job.
Dexember 3rd Again: Hooray! It's my 1000th Livejournal Post!
Dexember 3rd Yet Again: It's still my 1000th Livejournal Post! Technically It's my 1001st Livejournal Post but lets not be picky.
Dexember 11th: I say the Writer's Block is lame and dying because of the lame in a massively long winded way.
Dexember 16th: I'm inspired to start a rebellion when friended by the official Dirty Sexy Money livejournal.
Dexember 23rd: My life could stand to be a bit more complicated couldn't it?
Dexember 26th: The best dream ever and me being an idiot leads to a surprisingly coherant discussion of the nature of time.
Dexember 31st: The public and the BBC are idiots. Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are glorious revolutionaries who deserve praise, adoration and boxes full of angry barnacles. Or something.

OhNo!vember 1st: NaNoWriMo is on, and awkwardness ensues when Summer Glau is naked.
OhNo!vember 1st Again: Eleven Choices for the Eleventh Doctor.
OhNo!vember 4th: Everything's going great until...
OhNo!vember 5th: Wonderfalls is wonder'fall' if you pardon the awful pun.
OhNo!vember 5th Again: I, like a small animal that must be kept indoors, am confused by the fireworks and my brain shatters into a million tiny peices.
OhNo!vember 14th: My NaNovel is on the ropes waiting for something to come along and tear it's puny papery body to peices.
OhNo!vember 15th: Here comes a giant venus flytrap to tear it's puny papery body to peices. NaNoWriMo is unofficially over.
OhNo!vember 16th: I find something a little more suited to my talents.
OhNo!vember 21st: Cancellation Day :(
OhNo!vember 21st Again: The World's Funniest Terrorist.
OhNo!vember 28th: I destroy my keyboard in a scene not unreminiscent of Mr. Bean.

Wintober 3rd: I really should not judge programs by pilot episodes. Ironically pilot episodes are totally useless in gauging what the rest of the series will be like.
Wintober 4th: I kind of wish I had a singalong dog.
Wintober 17th: Lily Allen's new song breaks my brain. Then I break the song 'Unbreak My Heart' by Toni Braxton.
Wintober 21st: I really don't like Alexandra Burke.
Wintober 23rd: I have crushes on celebrities. Here they are.
Wintober 28th: As I spend all day playing World of Warcraft the part of my brain that thinks up funny things to say or do haemorrages and dies. To make up for it I apply vicarious amounts of memes to my livejournal.
Wintober 29th: Seriously, it's like a plague of memes (better than a plague of locusts, worse than a plague of lesbians) on here.
Wintober 31st: Ironically I'd already bought and recieved a fancy new iPod Touch by the time I posted this but I didn't feel like going back and editing for temporal inconsistencies.

So there you go. Another year condensed into one incredibly long wall of text. Maybe I should put some pictures or annoying noises in there next year, just to liven things up. What's your favourite annoying noise?

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